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Diary of a Gen Z. Lexie Lombard spends half her life on the ground, and the other half in the clouds. This coming of age podcast will answer the real life questions, but explore your daydreams too.


realities of the modeling industry with ella snyder
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my 48 hour boyfriend
Show Details40min 10s
the depressive episode
Show Details36min 13s
the lexie lombard bookclub
Show Details48min 51s
my time in paris
Show Details50min 7s
stop lying to yourself
Show Details49min 26s
cmon now, life is easy
Show Details37min 26s
taking psychedelics at 16 🫣
Show Details46min 45s
what it's like growing up with an internet following
Show Details1hr 4min
my teenage dirtbag era
Show Details50min 15s
how to process an emotion
Show Details36min 11s
these are a few of my favorite things
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how to make friends ft. tyra booker
Show Details1hr 1min
how to change your headspace
Show Details54min 15s
my inner voice is a b*tch
Show Details35min 18s
summer burnout
Show Details51min 16s
my 5 year plan
Show Details28min 36s
the one with chris klemens
Show Details58min 41s
how to get your life together
Show Details41min 5s
how to stop complaining
Show Details42min 25s
I moved to california
Show Details33min 7s
how to run and not hate it
Show Details34min 19s
i'm moving from new york..
Show Details28min 25s
being a good girl
Show Details42min 52s
full body purge
Show Details46min 34s
one year after losing my mom
Show Details31min 48s
peace > panic
Show Details33min 56s
when you dont know what you want
Show Details36min 6s
why you shouldn't move to new york
Show Details44min 21s
boredom is contagious
Show Details33min 11s
entering my season of stupidity
Show Details35min 1s
"love" is a hobby
Show Details43min 26s
when it's time to level up
Show Details43min 8s
stress.. and pms
Show Details34min 24s
getting back with an ex
Show Details40min 54s
I slept with a writer from Fox news..
Show Details45min 13s
how to do new things
Show Details46min 59s
why I prefer chaos
Show Details40min 20s
routines i haven't quit yet
Show Details36min 33s
how to handle holiday mood swings
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my quarantine safety blanket ft. sophia kelly
Show Details1hr 5min
only focusing on wins
Show Details31min 3s
(avoiding) the winter blues
Show Details36min 16s
i threw up while driving yesterday
Show Details48min 32s
peace is stressful
Show Details35min 37s
help! i'm annoying myself
Show Details41min 28s
how to enjoy being an adult
Show Details1hr 2min
what to do when nostalgia hits
Show Details39min 33s
how to read if you hate it
Show Details36min 56s
is happiness a joke?
Show Details44min 22s
family is... family
Show Details32min 26s
my relationship with exercise
Show Details1hr 2min
the problem being a "yes man"
Show Details44min 46s
we're all gonna die
Show Details50min 52s
falling out of love
Show Details40min 48s
accomplishment addiction
Show Details41min 58s
how to do hard things
Show Details55min 31s
my toxic trait
Show Details56min 41s
the best sex i've ever had
Show Details47min 3s
i'm a mean girl
Show Details41min 17s
how to be mysterious
Show Details54min 55s
one month after losing my mom
Show Details46min 3s
one week after losing my mom
Show Details42min 26s
dealing with death
Show Details40min 34s
the one with claudia sulewski
Show Details1hr 22min
i have dad energy
Show Details41min 28s
anti imposter syndrome
Show Details52min 32s
my inner goddess is a ditz
Show Details42min 15s
um where are the healthy people?
Show Details47min 2s
new year.. new nothing
Show Details58min 56s
the 4 year long grudge
Show Details57min 49s
being a hot girl
Show Details48min 24s
reading my diary
Show Details35min 46s
covid confessions
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money + body image
Show Details40min 23s
hi, I’m @lexie
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