At The Table - A Play Reading Series

A podcast that puts the listeners in a seat "At The Table" of a New York City play reading. New plays from emerging playwrights are produced as audio dramas featuring Broadway and New York actors. Plus get to know the playwrights as our hosts Rachel and Ned interview them about their work. For more info visit our website:


Ep. 23 - Losing My Religion Cast Interview
Show Details22min 54s
Ep. 22 - Losing My Religion By Hannah C. Langley (Part 2)
Show Details41min 5s
Ep. 21 - Losing My Religion By Hannah C. Langley (Part 1)
Show Details39min 7s
Ep. 20 - A Conversation with Diana Oh (Part 2 - {my lingerie play})
Show Details1hr 26min
Ep. 19 - A Conversation with Diana Oh (Part 1)
Show Details21min 19s
Ep. 18 - Interview With Lia Romeo
Show Details38min 12s
Ep. 17 - Ghost Story by Lia Romeo
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep. 16 - Interview with Emma Wagner
Show Details22min 56s
Ep. 15 - Objects In Mirror by Emma Wagner
Show Details54min 50s
Ep. 14 - Interview With Chisa Hutchinson
Show Details38min 31s
Ep. 13 - Kin by Chisa Hutchinson (Part 2)
Show Details55min 14s
Ep. 12 - Kin by Chisa Hutchinson (Part 1)
Show Details46min 27s
Ep 12a - An Update...We're late!
Show Details1min 54s
Ep. 11 - Interview With Steven McCasland
Show Details28min 58s
Ep. 10 - Little Wars by Steven McCasland
Show Details1hr 23min
Ep. 9 - Interview With Shannon Deep
Show Details27min 17s
Ep. 8 - If Found, Please Call by Shannon Deep (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep. 7 - If Found, Please Call by Shannon Deep (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep. 6 - Interview With Justin Colombo
Show Details53min 18s
Ep. 5 - Troop 54 by Justin Colombo (Part 2)
Show Details51min 4s
Ep. 4 - Troop 54 by Justin Colombo (Part 1)
Show Details51min 33s
Ep. 3 - Interview With Dustin Sullivan
Show Details40min 35s
Ep. 2 - Parched by Dustin Sullivan (Part 2)
Show Details35min 26s
Ep. 1 - Parched by Dustin Sullivan (Part 1)
Show Details59min 53s
Ep. 0 - Welcome To the Table
Show Details21min 6s