At The Mic - Ep. 122 - Guests: Azlin, Ezra and Zelie Malinak (11/03/22)

Season 1 | Episode 122
1h 15m | Nov 3, 2022

Guests: Azlin, Ezra and Zelie Malinak - Ep. 122 - (11/03/22)

In November 2021 I sat down with my three teenage children for a casual conversation. The format was just like every other "At The Mic" episode you're familiar with. But this was never intended to be turned into a full blown episode for the podcast...just something to be cherished by posterity.

A year later, it was decided I'd share that conversation with you. Please meet three of my favorite people in the world...Azlin, Ezra and Zelie Malinak.

Host: @KeithMalinak on Twitter


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At The Mic (with Keith Malinak)