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Astros Baseball is a Podcast by a fan for the fans of the Houston Astros since 2018. News, opinions, guests , and more ! Hosted by @RobFontenot & @ThirdCoastTom


Astros Take Series vs Rays
Show Details36min 41s
The Astros Split With Arizona
Show Details37min 45s
The Astros Split Series In Baltimore
Show Details35min 43s
The Astros Sweep Rays And Win The West.... Again
Show Details38min 38s
Framber Does It!!
Show Details37min 40s
Yordan Bombs And JV Is Back!
Show Details37min 42s
Astros sweep the Tigers
Show Details38min 18s
Astros Blast Five Homers To Take Angels Series
Show Details38min 11s
The Astros Walk Off To Win Series With Rangers
Show Details35min 17s
The Astros Take Series 2-1 Over Angels
Show Details33min 27s
Fair or Foul Friday
Show Details35min 8s
The Astros Sweep The Rangers
Show Details21min 20s
Breggy, Blackouts, And The Magic Man
Show Details37min 16s
The Astros Sweep Correa And The Twins
Show Details36min 52s
The Astros vs Braves Recap
Show Details36min 33s
The Astros Put Up 21 Runs To Split Series With WhiteSox
Show Details37min 4s
Early Hook, Bullpen Woes, and Shoes In The House
Show Details29min 18s
How Sweep It Is : Astros vs A's
Show Details38min 45s
The Astros Keep Silver Boot in Houston
Show Details37min 46s
Guardians, Verlander, and Mancini Slam
Show Details28min 27s
Red Sox Recap and New Astros
Show Details38min 38s
Yordan Walks It Off For Series Win
Show Details37min 36s
The Astros Bounce Back vs The Mariners
Show Details34min 49s
A's Recap, Trade Deadline, and Sleeping With The Enemy
Show Details36min 55s
Adrienne Roberson, Baltimore Orioles PA Announcer
Show Details27min 17s
The Astros Sweep Mariners & End Streak
Show Details38min 25s
The Astros Beat Yankees Twice In One Day
Show Details34min 6s
Astros at the All Star Break
Show Details20min 24s
Maldy Slam, JV Day, & The Oakland A's
Show Details34min 22s
Escape From LA (With A Series Win)
Show Details33min 42s
Fair or Foul ?
Show Details35min 26s
All Stars , A's , & Korey Lee Has A Day
Show Details29min 38s
Space City Takes 3 of 4 From Royals
Show Details33min 7s
The Astros Win 8th Straight Game !
Show Details31min 25s
Fourth of July Walk-Off
Show Details35min 50s
The Astros Beat Yankees & Sweep Angels
Show Details15min 51s
Amazin' Astros Sweep Mets
Show Details36min 53s
Three Run Homers, A No Hitter, & A Split in NYC
Show Details34min 46s
Flashback Friday : Bob Ford, Astros PA Announcer
Show Details34min 40s
The Astros Sweep Mets & Yordan Bombs
Show Details24min 8s
White Sox Recap & Home Run Ball Negotiations
Show Details30min 55s
The Voice of the Fayetteville Woodpeckers: Andrew Chapman
Show Details37min 43s
The Astros Immaculately finish off the Rangers
Show Details26min 34s
The Astros vs Marlins Recap
Show Details30min 49s
Episode 600 : Jimmy Price from Astros Future
Show Details27min 59s
The Astros Fall To Seattle 2-1 , Plus Fair or Foul
Show Details32min 32s
KC Recap, Yordan Extension , & Pressly Drama
Show Details36min 15s
Painting The Black Podcast with Matt Stone
Show Details22min 56s
The Astros Sweep A's & Giveaway Results
Show Details19min 51s
Memorial Day Special: Astros, Hooks, & The Anthem
Show Details25min 58s
Flashback Friday: Brent Strom Interview (01/19/2022)
Show Details35min 41s
The Astros Take Series vs Guardians
Show Details10min 30s
The Astros Win Series With Texas 3-1
Show Details30min 34s
Rangers & Astros Split Games 1 & 2
Show Details29min 35s
Red Sox Vs Astros
Show Details22min 36s
The Astros vs Nats with Clint Domingue
Show Details25min 30s
The Astros Sweep Twins
Show Details21min 47s
Tigers vs Astros with Manaav Gupta
Show Details23min 58s
Mariners Recap with AstrosFansUK
Show Details24min 25s
Toronto vs Astros with Rip Griffin
Show Details48min 34s
The Astros Take Lone Star Series 3-1
Show Details10min 33s
Rangers vs Astros Games 1&2
Show Details21min 27s
Blue Jays vs Astros with Jeremy Brenham
Show Details35min 46s
LAA Angels vs Astros Recap
Show Details18min 37s
Mariners vs Astros with Chris Gordy
Show Details32min 47s
Fair or Foul After Dark with Rip Griffin
Show Details33min 36s
D-Backs Vs Astros Recap
Show Details10min 50s
The Astros Take 3 of 4 vs LAA
Show Details20min 42s
Reid Ryan: Facing Nolan
Show Details14min 29s
Kenny Van Doren : 2022 Roster
Show Details37min 14s
Dale Scott: MLB Umpire
Show Details39min 54s
Mike Acosta: Astros Talk
Show Details50min 58s
Spring Training: Astros News
Show Details12min 6s
Special Guest : Jim Passon
Show Details54min 49s
PECOTA 2022 Projections
Show Details21min 15s
Special Guest : Kat Pressly
Show Details31min 5s
Russell Carleton: “The Shift “
Show Details43min 22s
Baseball Is Back !!!
Show Details9min 46s
Robert Land: Houston Sports Talk
Show Details34min 31s
Joe Thon : Manager Fayetteville Woodpeckers
Show Details29min 55s
A.L. West Preview with Jack McKenney
Show Details36min 13s
Dan Szymborski : FanGraphs
Show Details32min 14s
Alex McKenna : Astros Prospect
Show Details34min 50s
David Ince : Highland Bullpen
Show Details48min 48s
Lockout Talk with Rip Griffin
Show Details26min 36s
Sean Berry : Astros Killer B’s
Show Details47min 9s
Patrick Creighton: ESPN 97.5 Late Hits
Show Details1hr 4min
Jacob Coats : Astros MiLB Pitcher
Show Details37min 22s
Joshua Jordan: ESPN 97.5
Show Details34min 39s
Rhett Kouba : Astros MilLB Pitcher
Show Details29min 48s
Brent Strom: Astros Pitching Coach
Show Details37min 19s
Kenny Van Doren: Astros Future & CTH
Show Details31min 31s
Deb Seymour: Ball Nine
Show Details35min 38s
Josh Rawitch: Baseball HOF President
Show Details28min 55s
Wrapping Up 2021 with Rip Griffin
Show Details29min 17s
Sign Stealing Part 4: Cleveland Indians
Show Details8min 16s
Sign Stealing Part 3: The Man In White
Show Details8min 49s
Jose Puentes: Astros Minor League Hitting Coach
Show Details47min 37s
Sign Stealing Part 2: The Shot Heard Across The World
Show Details8min 23s
Sign Stealing Part 1: Comiskey Park
Show Details14min 54s
Lockout Edition : Astros News
Show Details20min 53s
Bill Brown - Astros Legend
Show Details23min 36s
The Rumor
Show Details38min 22s
Wins, Losses, and Signings
Show Details10min 56s
Mike Acosta: Astrodome Trivia
Show Details8min 26s
Barry M. Bloom: Sportico
Show Details49min 3s
Emanuel & Stubbs Headed To Philly
Show Details18min 45s
Verlander Signs With Astros
Show Details17min 59s
Awards and 2022 Roster
Show Details22min 23s
Update: Houston Astros
Show Details15min 30s
Skeeters PA: Shane Brown
Show Details34min 33s
Yuli & Dusty Back In ‘22
Show Details14min 19s
World Series Game 6 and More
Show Details21min 8s
World Series : Astros Win Game 5
Show Details13min 6s
The Astros Down 3-1 in World Series
Show Details15min 13s
World Series: Astros Even Series 1-1
Show Details14min 57s
Gerald Sanchez: Sugar Land Skeeters
Show Details26min 28s
AL Champs with Francisco Romero
Show Details17min 26s
The Astros Take 3-2 Lead in ALCS
Show Details17min 5s
ALCS Game 2: Astros Future
Show Details17min 1s
The Astros Win Game 1 of ALCS
Show Details11min 12s
Luke Berryhill : Astros Prospect
Show Details18min 8s
Mike Acosta : Astros Historian
Show Details39min 15s
John Zaghloul: Sports Talk Chicago
Show Details21min 52s
Taylor Jones : Fair or Foul ?
Show Details19min 11s
Ram Shirts : Fair or Foul ?
Show Details22min 14s
Charlie Pallilo - ESPN 97.5
Show Details43min 1s
Astros Future: Fair or Foul ?
Show Details19min 5s
Ben DuBose - USA Today
Show Details28min 55s
Kent Emanuel - Fair or Foul ?
Show Details24min 10s
Patrick Creighton ESPN 97.5
Show Details46min 59s
Chris Gordy SportsTalk790
Show Details23min 37s
The Astros Take Series With Mariners 2-1
Show Details25min 6s
Padres vs Astros Recap
Show Details11min 58s
Clayton Trutor: Loserville
Show Details30min 41s
Mariners Vs Astros
Show Details15min
The Astros Train Guy, Bobby Dynamite
Show Details32min 20s
Rangers vs Astros
Show Details13min 12s
Royals vs Astros
Show Details36min 42s
Mariners Vs Astros
Show Details18min 20s
Royals Vs Astros
Show Details31min 3s
Episode #500 : Dan Pastorini
Show Details38min 1s
Angels Recap
Show Details22min 3s
The Astros Sweep The Rockies
Show Details10min 55s
Twins Recap
Show Details10min 31s
Dodgers Recap
Show Details16min 55s
Giants Recap
Show Details14min 59s
Trade Deadline Show
Show Details30min 20s
Bullpen Help and Mariners Recap
Show Details18min 9s
Space City Sweep: Astros vs Rangers Recap
Show Details13min 43s
Lone Star Preview
Show Details14min 3s
Altuve Leads Astros Past Indians
Show Details13min 25s
White Sox Recap and Astros News
Show Details21min 33s
All Stars, Draft, and More
Show Details26min 57s
Jose Altuve Walks Off Yankees Again !!! with Patrick Creighton
Show Details54min 59s
The Astros Take Sereies From A's 2-1
Show Details9min 45s
Yordan Alvarez Powers Astros In Win Over A’s
Show Details8min 42s
The Astros Sweep The Indians
Show Details11min 16s
The Astros Take First Two From Indians
Show Details37min 40s
Orioles Sweep Astros
Show Details36min 51s
Jerry Trupiano Guest Co-Host
Show Details22min 41s
Uh Oh Orioles: The Astros vs. Baltimore
Show Details27min 44s
The chi town beat down in crush city ft. DINN MANN & Mario
Show Details43min 34s
Lone Star Series Recap
Show Details10min 32s
Bob Ford & Amy Montez Frye
Show Details57min 2s
Twins Recap and Giveaway Episode
Show Details39min 21s
Red Sox Recap with Terry Cushman
Show Details38min 57s
The Beatdown in Buffalo: The Blue Jays vs. The Houston Astros
Show Details11min 37s
Red Sox Recap
Show Details26min 22s
Padres Recap
Show Details23min
David Tuttle: Special Guest
Show Details49min 18s
Dodgers Recap
Show Details31min 3s
Rangers Recap, Dodgers Preview
Show Details38min 12s
Rip Griffin : Special Guest
Show Details41min 20s
A’s Recap
Show Details42min 45s
AstrosFansUK & Mario : Sunday Morning Guest Co-Hosts
Show Details57min 44s
Rangers Recap
Show Details29min 51s
Angels Recap
Show Details17min 38s
Blue Jays vs Astros Recap
Show Details10min 6s
The Astros vs Yankees Series - Pt. 1 (Welcome to the thunderdome)
Show Details30min 28s
Tampa Series Wrap up
Show Details41min 1s
The Astros vs Yankees Preview w/ Emily Nyman
Show Details32min 39s
Matt Thomas : Sunday Morning
Show Details39min 51s
Mariners Recap
Show Details32min 1s
Emanuel’s Revenge !
Show Details15min 27s
Bobby Dynamite : Sunday Morning
Show Details59min 11s
Angles vs Astros Recap
Show Details35min 8s
Rockies Sweep Astros
Show Details12min 2s
Taylor Jones: Houston Astros
Show Details14min 8s
Robert Land: Sunday Morning
Show Details36min 26s
Young Stars, Blown Lead, and Booing
Show Details26min 24s
Hinch's revenge: The Tigers sweep the Astros
Show Details28min 27s
Detroit Tigers Preview and AJ Hinch Returns
Show Details13min 25s
A's Recap
Show Details14min 21s
The Astros v The Angels v The onfield trash cans
Show Details24min 36s
Show Details55min 53s
Dugout Mugs Live Guest Spot
Show Details12min 28s
Opening Day : Astros 8-1 Win over A's
Show Details30min 14s
Spring Training Giveaway: Winners Announced and More Astros Updates
Show Details31min
Hoston Astros: Extensions, Immaculate Inning, and Four Bombs
Show Details31min 22s
Update: Houston Astros
Show Details43min 5s
Jill Gearin: Voice of the Visalia Rawhide
Show Details42min 46s
Emily Jaenson : GM Reno Aces (AAA)
Show Details28min 33s
Brittany Wiebe: Houston Astros
Show Details32min 59s
Renel Brooks-Moon: Public Address Announcer for the SF Giants
Show Details31min 8s
Alex Fast : @MLB & Pitchers List
Show Details46min 44s
Update: Houston Astros
Show Details16min 20s
Bobby Dynamite: Astros Train Guy
Show Details36min 1s
Robert Ford: Astros Radio Play by Play Announcer
Show Details1hr 17min
Todd Kalas: Astros Broadcaster
Show Details47min 31s
Francisco Romero: Astros Broadcaster
Show Details44min 45s
Alex Trevino: Astros Broadcaster
Show Details48min 1s
Julia Morales: Astros Sideline Reporter
Show Details1hr
Geoff Blum : Astros Broadcaster and Former MLB Player
Show Details47min 7s
Andrew Maraniss : Author of Singled Out
Show Details34min 36s
Guacamole, Julia Morales , and NL PECOTA Predictions
Show Details37min 7s
PECOTA: American League
Show Details33min 55s
Winter Storm Relief, Extensions and Spring Training Questions!
Show Details1hr 1min
Amy Montez Frye : Hooks P.A. Annoncer
Show Details33min 20s
Trent Rush : Angels Broadcaster
Show Details37min 8s
David Feldman: MLB Official Scorer and Historian
Show Details39min 4s
Jon Kemmer : Former Astros AAA Player
Show Details31min 31s
Bob Ford: Astros P.A. Announcer
Show Details35min 29s
Francisco Romero: Catching Up With All Things Astros
Show Details26min 53s
Brantley, HOF, and New Coaches
Show Details14min 43s
Luke Berryhill : Houston Astros MiLB Catcher
Show Details24min 4s
Pat Combs : MLB Pitcher and Author
Show Details34min 29s
Taylor Jones : Houston Astros
Show Details29min 36s
Jake Kaplan: The Athletic
Show Details19min 45s
Adam C. Mackinnon: Romantic About Baseball
Show Details29min 33s
Five Astros Questions With Round Rock Tim
Show Details32min 53s
Gerald Sanchez : Legacy Sports Network
Show Details56min 35s
Pedro Baez, Arbitration, and Forgiving The Astros
Show Details24min 27s
Tyler Ivey : Houston Astros
Show Details27min 58s
Season Delayed and Politics In Sports
Show Details15min 15s
Ryne Stanek Signs With Astros
Show Details15min 12s
Jeff Frye: Retired MLB Player and Leader of #SheGone Nation
Show Details31min 23s
2021 Rebuild and NHL In Houston ?
Show Details13min 33s
Francisco Romero: 2017 Flashback
Show Details41min 44s
Patrick McLellan From Lima Time Time
Show Details58min 43s
Dinn Mann : Growing Up In The Astrodome
Show Details33min 37s
Peter Kerasotis: Alou: My Baseball Journey
Show Details51min 44s
Future Guests, Kneeling , and Off Season Calender
Show Details12min 38s
Melba Resendez: Future Astros Host Mom
Show Details24min 47s
Ben Reiter : The Edge Finale
Show Details32min 9s
Manfred’s Letter, Alex Cora, and Astros News
Show Details18min 40s
A.J. Hinch Signing Discussion With Jay Markle of Bless You Boys
Show Details27min 49s
Off-Season Astros News
Show Details19min 44s
Frank Vaccaro : SABR and Baseball Historian
Show Details29min 35s
A Look At The Astros Off-Season and More
Show Details23min 20s
Barry Laminack: Jeff Luhnow Interview and More
Show Details26min 41s
Ben Reiter: The Edge, Astroball, and Sports Illustrated
Show Details35min 38s
ALCS Game 7: David Tuttle From Bleacher Blums
Show Details1hr 7min
ALCS Game 6: Francisco Romero, Astros Broadcaster
Show Details27min 39s
ALCS Game 5: Matt Thomas From Sports Talk 790
Show Details23min 50s
ALCS Game 4: Astros Survive with Joe George of SportsTalk790
Show Details39min 41s
ALCS Game 3: Hector Ledesma From Sports2Nite
Show Details40min 35s
ALCS Game 2: Astros Broadcaster , Francisco Romero
Show Details28min 1s
ALCS Game 1 with Hector Ledesma from
Show Details27min 18s
ALCS Preview With Alex Murphy from Rays the Roof Podcast
Show Details34min 48s
Quick A’s Recap
Show Details12min 33s
A's Preview With David Feldman, A’s Baseball Historian
Show Details29min 17s
Haters Gonna Hate: Astros Sweep Twins
Show Details10min 36s
Game 1: Astros win 4-1
Show Details13min 7s
Twins Preview with John Bonnes From Twins Daily
Show Details46min 7s
Houston Clinches Playoffs
Show Details22min 36s
Win In Seattle Gets Astros Closer To The Playoffs
Show Details8min 6s
D-Backs Recap And Springer Dingers
Show Details20min 21s
Rangers Recap
Show Details9min 56s
Dodgers Recap and Playoff Picture with Corbitt
Show Details22min 33s
Michael Connor From Sports Talk 790 Joins Me Today To Talk Astros
Show Details47min 15s
The Losing Streak Ends in Oakland
Show Details24min 49s
Jake Suddreth: Texas Collegiate League Pitcher
Show Details26min 20s
Sports Talk 790's Adam Sager
Show Details25min 43s
Locker Room/Questions/Rangers Series
Show Details27min 59s
‘Stros Take Both Games From the A’s
Show Details10min 47s
Angels Recap With @AstrosFrance
Show Details26min 9s
Padres Recap With Brandon K. Scott
Show Details55min 48s
Spacemen Sweep Rockies : Express Edition
Show Details4min 31s
Rockies Recap With Legendary Broadcaster Greg Lucas
Show Details57min 35s
Seattle Sweep with Robert Land
Show Details1hr 3min
Special Episode: Introduction to Sunday ‘Stros with Fair or Foul
Show Details28min 17s
Giants Recap, Yordan, and 100,000 Listens
Show Details16min 3s
Bad Road Trip Ends In A Sweep At Oakland
Show Details13min 46s
D-Backs Recap, Astros Drop Series 2-1
Show Details14min 26s
Angels Recap With Astros Fans UK
Show Details29min 50s
Dodgers Recap and Christian Javier
Show Details16min 48s
Astros Win, Justin Verlander Update, and More
Show Details14min 3s
Seattle Recaps, JV Injury, Astros Should Be 3-0
Show Details20min 35s
Opening Day, 30 Man Roster , Expanded Playoffs
Show Details9min 48s
Royals Recap, Astros Dominate
Show Details23min 4s
Easy Schedule , Bullpen Problems , and Mailbag Questions
Show Details17min 41s
Roster News and Yuli Loves Houston
Show Details17min 11s
Space City Baseball News
Show Details18min 14s
Jacob Kornhauser " The Cup of Coffee Club "
Show Details33min 36s
Testing Updates and the 2020 Schedule
Show Details20min 7s
How Baseball Happened with Tom Gilbert
Show Details1hr
Bregman, Bob Uecker, and More
Show Details20min 18s
Bill Brown Talks About His Book and Broadcasting in 2020
Show Details23min 21s
Special Episode: USA Today Bashes Jim Crane
Show Details17min 22s
Who is Crying, Runner on Second, and More with Rip Griffin
Show Details18min 17s
MLB 60 Game Schedule And Covid-19
Show Details20min 55s
Special Episode: Easy Listening Saturday Afternoon MLB Update
Show Details2min 55s
The Yankees and MLB Do Not Want That Letter Unsealed and More
Show Details31min 7s
2020 Astros Draft Picks and The Yankees Cheating Scandal
Show Details22min 45s
Conversation With Jeremy Frank
Show Details50min 30s
Rick Allen, Author of Inside Pitch
Show Details47min 47s
Money and the Draft
Show Details21min 20s
Rob In The Truck
Show Details13min 35s
Giveaway Winner and More
Show Details6min 8s
Talking MLB Negotiations with Greg Lucas
Show Details30min 40s
Memorial Day and Samurai Swords
Show Details48min 3s
2020 Season Update and Astro The Grouch ??
Show Details19min 57s
Part 2 of Stevie Proud Conversation
Show Details28min 45s
Conversation With Stevie Proud
Show Details54min 7s
Owners Proposal For 2020
Show Details15min 44s
Giveaways and Quizzes
Show Details39min 39s
The Negro League Man: Phil S. Dixon Joins The Show
Show Details55min 42s
Conversation With Houston Chronicle Reporter David Barron
Show Details16min 33s
Kent Emanuel: Houston Astros Pitcher
Show Details45min 56s
MLB’s New Plan, Refunds, and more
Show Details21min 34s
Talking Red Sox Punishment With The Athletics Jake Kaplan
Show Details57min 22s
Houston Could Host MLB in 2020, plus Fans Suing Teams For Unplayed Games
Show Details22min 9s
Conversation With Astros Tour Guide Alexis Padraza
Show Details21min 2s
A Conversation with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Jill Weatherhead
Show Details33min 30s
Jackie Robinson Day and 30 Years Without Facial Hair in MLB
Show Details14min 48s
Will We have baseball in 2020?
Show Details27min 49s
MLB The Show League and A Radical Realignment
Show Details19min 23s
A conversation With Dugout Mugs Founder Randall Thompson
Show Details22min 11s
2020 Season Update and Evan Gattis
Show Details30min 13s
Conversation With Houston Chronicle Beat Writer Joseph Duarte
Show Details57min 52s
A Conversation With Florida State Pitcher Jake Suddreth
Show Details58min 7s
A Conversation with Author and Baseball Stat Guru Ryan Spaeder
Show Details26min 55s
A conversation with Baseball Agent Greg Schaum
Show Details41min 27s
Special Guest Billy Neil aka Astros A to Z
Show Details29min 49s
Former Pro Baseball Player David Tuttle Joins the Show
Show Details1hr 6min
A conversation with former Astros broadcaster Greg Lucas
Show Details1hr 1min
Corona Virus Impacts Baseball And Life
Show Details20min 38s
PECOTA Projections and ST Recaps
Show Details26min 17s
Spring Recaps and Mailbag
Show Details27min 14s
Spring Training Has Started
Show Details20min 21s
Interview With Astros Legend Bill Brown
Show Details41min 6s
Correa, Spring Training , and More
Show Details22min 57s
Steamrolling , Apologizing, and A Press Conference
Show Details22min 27s
Hinch Interview, Code Breaker , and a lawsuit
Show Details33min 39s
AJ Hinch, Hank Aaron, and Pete Rose
Show Details20min 28s
General Manager, Hash Tags, and Giveaways
Show Details30min 19s
Dusty Baker Episode
Show Details27min 14s
Interview With Tony Adams from
Show Details41min
Space City Astros Fans Call-In Show
Show Details1hr 8min
Mike Fiers, Dallas Keuchel , Trade Targets, and Billy Wagner
Show Details29min 4s
Astros Legendary Broadcaster Greg Lucas Speaks His Mind On Astros Cheating Scandal
Show Details50min 58s
Electronic Buzzers and a New Manager
Show Details31min 13s
MLB Punishes The Astros ( Same Episode )
Show Details45min 35s
MLB Punishes Astros
Show Details46min 28s
Arbitration News and A New Arm
Show Details23min 59s
Boston Scandal Plus Astros News
Show Details32min 27s
Correa, Harris, and The Roster
Show Details19min 35s
Last Podcast of 2019
Show Details27min 29s
Machette and the Sidewinder Stay in Houston
Show Details25min 38s
Talking Baseball with Wheelhouse
Show Details1hr 14min
Trades, Winter Meetings, and New Rules
Show Details44min 51s
Tendered Contracts and All MLB Team
Show Details24min 55s
Scandal Talk with Terry Cushman
Show Details1hr 1min
Talking Houston Baseball with Corbitt
Show Details39min 43s
Awards Recap and Trash Cans
Show Details19min 36s
Front Office and 2020 Roster
Show Details32min 58s
Astros Baseball (Trailer)
Show Details25s
Astros Lose Game 7 plus Giveaway Winner
Show Details42min 29s
JV and the Astros lose Game 6 of the World Series
Show Details27min 3s
Astros win Game 5, Series Moves Back To Houston
Show Details19min 2s
World Series Games 3&4 Recaps and more
Show Details19min 14s
World Series and Anger Management
Show Details30min 27s
World Series Preview with Nationals Podcaster Tim Shovers
Show Details49min 41s
Astros Win ALCS Over Yankees
Show Details23min 39s
ALCS: Astros Take 2 of 3 in New York
Show Details36min 36s
ALCS Game 3 Recap w/ Freddy from NY
Show Details38min 25s
Correa Walks It Off
Show Details28min 12s
Astros Win 6-1 Next Up Yankees
Show Details31min 39s
Rays Tie Series Cole Will Win Game 5
Show Details27min 22s
JV and Cole Dominate Rays
Show Details24min
Playoff Preview
Show Details32min 15s
Astros Best Team in Baseball 107 Wins
Show Details40min 19s
Rob and Wheelhouse with Astros Talk
Show Details1hr 3min
Rangers Recap 300K’s 100 Astros wins !!
Show Details32min 37s
Royals Recap And More
Show Details51min 47s
Oakland Series with Rob on the Road
Show Details29min 53s
The Rob and Wheelhouse Show featuring Corey Hightower
Show Details39min 59s
On the Road Astros talk with Rob
Show Details27min 21s
JV No Hitter and 25 Man Playoff Roster !!
Show Details26min 47s
Rays Recap: Astros take 2 of 3
Show Details35min 53s
Rob and Wheelhouse: Ugly uniforms, anti-neters and things to come
Show Details53min 57s
Tigers Recap and more !
Show Details25min 1s
Space Men in 3 Time Zones and more
Show Details1hr 5min
Wheelhouse and Hightower host the show tonight.
Show Details31min 10s
Rob Solo Talks Orioles Series and more !
Show Details28min 6s
Adam Clanton Joins The Show
Show Details39min 44s
Rockies Recap: Astros Offensive Explosion
Show Details39min 27s
The Rob and Wheelhouse Show with Corey Hightower and Htown Wheelhouse
Show Details49min 6s
Indians Recap and Astros Talk
Show Details1hr 14min
Trade Deadline Show
Show Details1hr 1min
Astros with Rob and Wheelhouse
Show Details1hr 4min
A’s Recap and more !
Show Details23min 4s
Rangers Wrap Up and Astros Talk
Show Details43min 33s
Silver Boot Stays in H-Town
Show Details28min 9s
Springer Dingers and a Split
Show Details14min 29s
Houston Rallies to Split Series with Texas
Show Details14min 47s
Lone Star Series Recap and More
Show Details29min 39s
All Star Game, Jake, and the Rangers
Show Details23min 40s
Houston Takes Series with Angels 2-1
Show Details24min 46s
Mile High Sweep
Show Details23min 7s
Yuli and the Astros Sweep Seattle
Show Details35min 43s
Pittsburg, All Star Voting, and Governors
Show Details21min 12s
Stros End Losing Streak at 7
Show Details27min 50s
Bronx Series Recap and More
Show Details31min 13s
Reds Sweep Stros
Show Details23min 28s
Astros Take 2 of 3 From Toronto
Show Details20min 31s
Brewers Recap
Show Details10min 37s
Baltimore Recap, Alvarez Homers
Show Details35min 56s
Mariners Recap And More
Show Details34min 13s
Houston Sweeps A’s in Oakland
Show Details29min 12s
Cubs Recap
Show Details26min 33s
Red Sox Recap
Show Details30min 8s
Stros Split with White Sox
Show Details30min 15s
Spacemen take 2 of 3 in Boston
Show Details16min 50s
Sweep in Detroit
Show Details19min 56s
Rangers Get Swept By the Astros
Show Details15min 22s
Royals Recap
Show Details22min 2s
Mexico Series Recap and More
Show Details19min 23s
Round Rock Interviews
Show Details16min 28s
Twins Recap and April Giveaway
Show Details24min 19s
Indians and Twins Recap
Show Details23min 47s
Indians Take First 2
Show Details25min 29s
Twins Recap
Show Details19min 28s
Lone Star Series Recap
Show Details13min 29s
Winning Streak Ends At 10, Astros Fall 2-1
Show Details10min
10 Wins In A Row for the Stros
Show Details17min 11s
Houston Sweeps Seattle for 9th Win in a Row
Show Details13min 56s
8 Wins in a Row and Altuve Homers Again
Show Details20min 11s
Grand Slams and Wiggy
Show Details44min 28s
H-Town Sweeps Yankees
Show Details20min 56s
Houston Takes First 2 From Yanks
Show Details13min 4s
Houston Sweeps A’s
Show Details20min 56s
Crush City 6-0 Win !!
Show Details18min 45s
Opener Recap
Show Details14min 35s
Game 3 recap plus A’s Preview
Show Details21min 14s
Texas Ties the Series 1-1
Show Details21min 7s
Houston Takes Game 1 vs Texas
Show Details20min 9s
Lone Star Series Preview With John Moore
Show Details31min 41s
Houston Loses 3 of 4 in Tampa
Show Details14min 27s
Astros Lose To Rays Again 3-1
Show Details24min 14s
Diaz and The Astros Lose 4-2
Show Details24min
Astros Take Opener 5-1 vs Rays
Show Details17min 3s
Correa, 60%, and Recaps
Show Details27min 37s
Extensions Galore !
Show Details31min 17s
Extensions and Giveaways
Show Details23min 58s
Hinch Ejected and 4 Game Recap
Show Details22min 10s
Rules Changes and Thursday Recap
Show Details15min 54s
Frankie Tuesday Gets 80 days plus recaps
Show Details18min 13s
Angry Alex and 3 Game Recaps
Show Details31min 10s
Buying Tickets and Astros Stuff
Show Details19min 50s
Thursday Recap and the Inbox
Show Details29min 43s
Wednesday Recap and the HEB Curse
Show Details15min 28s
Sunday and Monday Recaps
Show Details14min 15s
Recap vs Mets and Alex Bregman
Show Details16min 42s
McHugh Pod, ST Updates , and March giveaway announcement!
Show Details30min 54s
Astros Roster News
Show Details20min 49s
Funko Pop! Giveaway , recaps and more
Show Details21min 48s
Jake, Kemp, and Straw “Spring” into Action
Show Details32min 34s
Thank You Marwin
Show Details26min 30s
Spring Training and the Payroll
Show Details28min 56s
Manny Machado and Astros News
Show Details40min 42s
Rookie Contracts and Tanking
Show Details42min 33s
Unorganized Astros Stuff
Show Details36min 19s
Free Agency: Fiction or Leaks
Show Details23min 4s
25 man Roster and Bad Contracts
Show Details22min 16s
Astros News and the Inbox
Show Details28min 20s
PECOTA Projections and More
Show Details26min 14s
Outlaw the Shift ???
Show Details23min 28s
Arbitration and Free Agency
Show Details19min 27s
6 Questions and Brady Rodgers
Show Details23min 16s
Marwin, Dallas, Juju, and more
Show Details24min 44s
Wade Miley, Inbox, Wins and Losses
Show Details31min 48s
Don’t Sleep on the Astros
Show Details18min 29s
Top Lists, 2019 Schedule, and more
Show Details16min 48s
WAR, what is it good for ?
Show Details22min 11s
HOF, Caravan, and Inbox
Show Details19min 12s
Does Barry Bonds deserve to be in the HOF?
Show Details22min 18s
Should Astros Sign Marwin?
Show Details25min 21s
Astros Buddies and more
Show Details17min 30s
Astros Arbitration and Berkman HOF
Show Details12min 12s
Bregman Undergoes Elbow Surgery
Show Details12min 58s
150th Episode !
Show Details22min 3s
Astros trade JD Davis to Mets
Show Details22min 29s
First Podcast of 2019
Show Details15min 45s
Free Agents, special guest, and milestones
Show Details13min 46s
Astros Sign OF Michael Brantley
Show Details9min 55s
Astros news and interview with James
Show Details21min 29s
Goldie to the #Astros , Charlie offered a contract , and more
Show Details14min 49s
Astros Make Trade and other news
Show Details10min 10s
Astros News and AstroBall
Show Details16min 12s
Astros Off Season News
Show Details13min 18s
Roster News, Gattis, And Maggie
Show Details16min 53s
Free Agency, Gold Gloves, World Series Update
Show Details11min 14s
Off Season Astros
Show Details11min 38s
Astros lose 4-1 , Red Sox take Series
Show Details25min 53s
Astros lose 8-6, Go down 3-1 ALCS
Show Details17min 34s
Astros Lose 8-2 and go down 2-1 in ALCS
Show Details17min 6s
Game 3 Pre Game Podcast
Show Details7min 44s
Astros lose 7-5, Series tied 1-1 #ALCS
Show Details17min 50s
Astros win 7-2, Take 1-0 Series Lead vs Boston
Show Details13min 22s
ALCS Roster Episode
Show Details18min 39s
Astros vs Red Sox ALCS
Show Details9min 28s
Astros Sweep Indians !!!!
Show Details19min 8s
Astros take 2-0 Series Lead vs Cleveland
Show Details12min 50s
Astros take Game 1 of ALDS 7-2 Over the Indians
Show Details14min 19s
ALDS Playoff Roster Podcast
Show Details20min 12s
Astros take 3 of 4 To End the Regular Season
Show Details15min 5s
Astros take Game 1 at Baltimore 2-1
Show Details14min 49s
Astros are the AL West Champions !!
Show Details13min 7s
Astros win 5-3 vs Jays, Magic # is now 2
Show Details10min 54s
Astros Sweep Angels , Yuli Homers Again
Show Details14min 15s
Astros Take First 2 from Angels, Yuli Making History
Show Details15min
Seattle blanks Astros 9-0 to take series, Angels Up Next
Show Details15min 22s
Astros and Mariners Split First 2 Games
Show Details12min 35s
Astros Win Series with Arizona 2-1
Show Details12min 25s
Astros Drop Game 1 to Arizona
Show Details11min 15s
Astros Sweep Tigers
Show Details11min 53s
Astros Take First 2 in Detroit
Show Details10min 36s
Astros take series against Boston 2-1
Show Details16min 14s
Astros take Game 1 in Boston
Show Details14min 54s
Astros Sweep Twins , 7-3 Home Stand
Show Details36min 27s
Astros win 3rd Straight Game
Show Details9min
Astros split Friday and Saturday’s Games
Show Details9min 20s
Astros Lose 5-2 , Tyler White Homers Again
Show Details14min 34s
Astros take series with A’s 2-1
Show Details5min 43s
Astros take Game 1 vs A’s
Show Details14min 17s
Astros Sweep Angels
Show Details7min 31s
Astros take Game 1 vs Angels
Show Details10min 40s
Astros take Series 2-1 vs M’s
Show Details11min 2s
Astros Drop Opener to Mariners 7-4
Show Details5min 12s
Astros drop 2 of 3 to A’s
Show Details13min 7s
Episode #100 !!!
Show Details16min 6s
Astros Lose at Home ....Again
Show Details8min 27s
Astros Swept By M’s, Rockies up Next
Show Details12min 17s
Special Episode with Guest Chris
Show Details31min 7s
Astros Drop 3 Straight to Seattle
Show Details11min 17s
Astros Sweep Giants in 2 Game Series
Show Details15min 31s
Astros take 2 of 3 from Dodgers
Show Details10min 24s
Astros win 2-1 over Dodgers plus Astros News
Show Details6min 19s
Astros Win Series with Mariners 2-1
Show Details10min 49s
Losing Streak and a Closer
Show Details15min 10s
Astros Swept by Texas, Seattle up Next
Show Details7min 45s
Ass Kicking and a Relief Pitcher
Show Details12min 37s
Astros Trade for Catcher plus Mark U
Show Details9min 27s
Astros split with Rockies , Texas up next
Show Details9min 1s
Angels, Rockies, and Astroball
Show Details10min 29s
Vacation Week Catch Up Episode
Show Details16min 42s
Astros take series 2-1 over Tigers
Show Details11min 47s
Astros shutout Tigers 3-0 in game 1
Show Details4min 15s
A’s Take Series 3-1, Tigers up next
Show Details9min 48s
Astros and A’s split first 2 games
Show Details10min 26s
Astros Sweep White Sox , A’s next up
Show Details6min 19s
Tucker called up and Astros win 12-6
Show Details9min 2s
Astros win 11-4 over White Sox
Show Details7min 23s
Astros Win Streak at 3
Show Details6min 3s
Astros Win 5-3, Listeners Text
Show Details19min 19s
Rays take 3 of 4 vs Houston
Show Details11min 13s
Astros and Rays Split First 2 games
Show Details8min 57s
Astros News Rays Preview
Show Details10min 29s
Astros take series 2 -1 over Blue Jays
Show Details4min 27s
Astros lose 6-3 to Blue Jays
Show Details7min 6s
Astros defeat KC 11-3, Yuli Grand Slam
Show Details7min 46s
Correa walk off single Astros win in 12!
Show Details9min 57s
Astros Shutout Loss to KC
Show Details10min 8s
Astros defeat Rays 5–1 for 50th win of Season
Show Details6min 40s
Rays End Astros Streak at 12
Show Details7min 32s
Astros Sweep Royals
Show Details10min 53s
Gattis Hits Grand Slam and Astros take first game 7-3
Show Details7min 33s
Astros Sweep A’s, get 8th win in a row!
Show Details7min 44s
Astros Sweep Rangers
Show Details14min 27s
Lone Star Series Game 1 Recap
Show Details8min 17s
Mariners Recap
Show Details6min 57s
Sox, BullPen, Mariners
Show Details11min 48s
Astros Red Sox Recap
Show Details4min 36s
Yankees recap, Boston Preview
Show Details8min 4s
Special Thank You Episode
Show Details46s
Sunday and Monday Recap
Show Details7min 18s
Friday and Sat Indians Recap and more
Show Details14min 59s
Astros take Game 1
Show Details5min 24s
Giants Recap, Indians up next
Show Details8min 33s
Astros take Series vs Indians - SF up next
Show Details7min 13s
Astros Split First 2 vs Cleveland
Show Details6min 1s
Astros win series 2-1, Indians up next
Show Details6min 24s
Roster Move and Astros Tie Series
Show Details4min 52s
Lone Star Series Recap
Show Details6min 4s
Astros Sweep A’s
Show Details7min 44s
D-Backs Recap And A’s Preview
Show Details5min 26s
Cole with 16k’s , Bullpen Problems ?
Show Details5min 34s
Harris Blows it!
Show Details3min 44s
Astros Fall to Yankees 4-0 ..... again
Show Details3min 36s
Yankees 4 Astros 0
Show Details5min 22s
Astros win 2-1
Show Details6min 1s
#35- A’s Recap, Yankees Preview
Show Details13min 26s
What Happened to the Astros !
Show Details5min 4s
Astros lose 2 of 3 but hold on to 1st place
Show Details4min 53s
#32- Sunday and Monday Recap
Show Details5min 3s
Offensive Explosion and Great Pitching
Show Details7min 14s
#30 Are You A Real Fan ?
Show Details13min 55s
Astros Mariners Live Updates (experiment)
Show Details4min 4s
Astros lose 2 of 3 to Texas
Show Details6min 14s
Astros 3 Rangers 2 !!
Show Details10min 37s
Twins recap, Lonestar Series Preview
Show Details8min 5s
Recap vs Padres
Show Details4min 45s
Live from MMP
Show Details3min 20s
I Was Wrong About Sweeping the Padres
Show Details2min 36s
Astros will sweep Padres
Show Details2min 3s
Astros Sweep Orioles
Show Details6min 34s
Astros Receive Their Rings
Show Details5min 31s
Astros WIn Opener
Show Details5min 1s
Lone Star Series Recap
Show Details11min 40s
Juju Roadtrip
Show Details51min 30s
Opening Day Roster 2018
Show Details5min
Roster Updates
Show Details4min 59s
Astros Give Altuve Extention
Show Details4min 56s
Special Twitter Episode
Show Details8min 56s
Astros In The White House
Show Details6min 51s
Roster Moves
Show Details6min 6s
Dallas Not The Opener
Show Details5min 19s
Yuli, Battle for FirstBase and Kyle Tucker
Show Details5min 5s
First Spring Training Game
Show Details5min 5s
Forrest and Spring Training
Show Details1min 15s
Spring Training/HOF
Show Details1min 15s
Dallas and Fisher
Show Details1min 15s
Trades, Questions, and Opinios
Show Details1min 15s
Astros News
Show Details1min 15s
Sports Talk with Juju
Show Details1min 15s
4 Questions
Show Details1min 15s
Baseball Travels
Show Details10min
How i became an Astros fan
Show Details1min 15s
Astros Transactions
Show Details1min 15s
25 man roster 2018
Show Details1min 15s