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show-image follows an assassination startup in a New York where murder is now legal—so long as you fill out the right paperwork. Join Mallory, the CEO of, and Ben, the guy who is letting her stay in his mom's basement, as they navigate and narrate this brave new world to their shareholders. Listen as they launch their business, hire the only two assassin applicants left in the city, participate in the Murder Games, and try their best to turn bureaucracy into profit. is a comedy and should not be taken as business advice or even bad business advice. 

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Episode 8 - Special Election
Show Details11min 17s
Episode 7 - Acquired
Show Details16min 31s
Minisode - Interrogation
Show Details3min 51s
Episode 6 - Murder Games
Show Details20min 13s
Episode 5 - Defunded
Show Details14min 27s
Episode 4 - Subscription Pricing
Show Details15min 4s
Minisode - Potions My Coven Doesn't Endorse
Show Details5min 52s
Episode 3 - Now Hiring
Show Details17min 55s
Episode 2 - Ben
Show Details19min 15s
Show Details2min 26s
Episode 1 - Launch Party
Show Details16min 3s