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Hello! My name is Amy, aka CameoLover93, and I'm an author who specializes in creating serialized fiction. 

I made this podcast to help writers that are struggling to break onto the online writing scene and may be held back by questions like: what apps should I upload my work to, how can I monetize my content, how do I build a fanbase from zero? And so on. 

Having written online and experimented with various writing apps since 2012, I have learned a few things about what to do, what not to do, who to trust, and who to avoid. 

And it'll all be talked about in this podcast.

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16 | Being Popular vs Being Influential. No, They're Not The Same Thing.
Show Details14min 10s
15 | Stop Working For FREE! (A Rant)
Show Details21min 44s
14 | Not Every Deal Is A Good Deal (We Spillin' Tea)
Show Details41min 42s
Just Chatting: K-Pop, Old Town Road, & Minding Your Business
Show Details36min 16s
13 | 3 Ways To Make Money Writing On Wattpad
Show Details39min 40s
12 | Only Writing On One Site = BAD!
Show Details38min 30s
11 | How To Write Sex Scenes
Show Details32min 6s
10 | Word Count, Tags, + New Series?
Show Details21min 14s
09 | Crafting The Perfect Blurb
Show Details12min 34s
08 | Tips For Creating A Catchy Book Cover
Show Details11min 33s
07 | Q&A Time: Writer's Block, Negative Comments, & More
Show Details28min 8s
06 | How To Keep Your Readers Engaged
Show Details27min 26s
05 | How To Promote Your Books Online
Show Details11min 5s
04 | Use This App To Write & Make Money!
Show Details24min 48s
03 | Show vs Tell: What Does It Mean?
Show Details10min 8s
02 | Does Having Perfect Grammar REALLY Matter?
Show Details9min 12s
01 | Figuring Out What Type of Writer You Are
Show Details19min 31s
Welcome To My Podcast!
Show Details4min 36s