• A Soft Spoken Super Simple Season Finale

    Hiiyyeee! In this episode, we're just saying a quick hello and goodbye. ☺️ Also, I'm just so grateful for your presence! Please stay tuned... There's more to come soon!

    Happy Holidays💜

    S1E11 - 5m - Dec 20, 2020
  • A Simple Cacao Coconut Granola Recipe Reading

    We're just gonna leave this healthy, delicious recipe for Cacao Coconut Granola right here for you!


    S1E10 - 5m - Oct 2, 2020
  • A Sept 30, 2020 Kinda Ramble

    Today's ramble, recorded, edited and uploaded today, is mix of whispered and soft spoken voices reading a pamphlet about wellness. And eating avocado toast with honey. The pamphlet was sent with my monthly subscription of Ritual Women's Multivitamins. Tonight we also learn how to pronounce the 3 major Omega-3 fatty acids, "Linolenic, eicosapentaenoic, docosahexaenoic" from Mother Google and her son Youtube. They also teach us how to pronounce "Ikigai," which loosely translates to "Reason for being" or "having direction or purpose in life."

    I do not own the rights to the sound bites heard. They can be found here:

    Omega -3:




    Sleep Well Rock Stars!

    S1E9 - 58m - Oct 1, 2020
  • Sleepy Time I Am Affirmations for Wealth & Abundance

    I dare you to listen and repeat these I Am Affirmations for wealth and abundance for 21 days and see what the magic of words and belief can do for your life!

    *** This version is read by me, Minnow Star. If you'd like to hear Rihanna herself read the same affirmations... click over to the next track OR head over to my youtube channel @asmrMinnowStar, to see her read them in action!

    She's the best- A true Rock Star

    And So Are YOU!


    S1E8 - 19m - Sep 8, 2020
  • ASMR Trigger Words & Chewing Gum

    **This episode was taken straight from our AsmrMinnowStar's Youtube page.

    The title says it all... I asked my followers on instagram to give me their favorite trigger words, and I read them for you here. Enjoy! ✌🏾

    S1E7 - 43m - Aug 29, 2020
  • ASMR Future Yogi Returns 3

    **This episode is ripped straight from our AsmrMinnowStar's Youtube page.

    In the video you can see the wonderful photo book I used by RJ Shaughnessy... here on the podcast... you can enjoy the turning of the page!


    S1E6 - 14m - Aug 29, 2020
  • ASMR Future Yogi Returns to Clean out your Spiritual Toolbox

    **This episode is ripped straight from our AsmrMinnowStar's Youtube page.

    In this episode we've got our handy dandy spoolie, lus more to help cleanse, clear and recharge you to take on the world!


    S1E5 - 22m - Aug 29, 2020
  • ASMR Future Yogi Helps Heal Your Past Trauma

    **This episode is the first ripped straight from our AsmrMinnowStar's Youtube page.

    Also, this isn't your run of the mill asmr video. This is the first starring Minnow Star 7. She uses ASMR and yoga in the future in order to astrally project to the past to help her clients heal. This one came to me... I actually can't remember how this idea came to me! All I know is... that the path way opened... the Spirits whispered... and out poured 5 of these videos. 3 of which are already posted.

    I hope you enjoy

    S1E4 - 21m - Aug 29, 2020
  • A Teeth Tapping Zambian Spiritual Death Kind of Episode

    You've come back for more, and I thank you!


    There' s a humming sound that stops at 14:15. Apparently, the dishwasher was running and I didn't realize it until, well... 14 minutes and 15 seconds in! After that, it's all smooth whisper-ramble sailing.

    You'll hear teeth tapping, jacket sounds, finger flutters, a wiki read of the Nation of Zambia, where I lived for 1.5 years. A whisper cover of "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper... Oh and the difference between Spiritual and Material death... sorry about that in advance.

    The podcast I mention: "Unselfish Behavior"

    By: King Q.

    Happy Listening... But even more...

    Happy Sleeping


    1h 15m - Aug 28, 2020
  • A Spoolie & Camping Ramble

    Nothing flashy. Just a girl, mouth sounds with her spoolie, and a decent nonsensical ramble for your sleeping pleasures!

    The podcast I reference: Sleep With Me

    by: Drew Ackerman


    S1E2 - 26m - Aug 14, 2020
  • The Intro

    Enjoy this quick intro with a few teaser ASMR triggers. Come back Soon for more! Mouth Sounds, Tapping, Whispers and Soft Spoken

    S1E1 - 3m - Aug 2, 2020
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