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Let’s talk biblical womanhood and marriage – Honest & Raw. Pastor Vic answers your pressing questions on Christian womanhood and marriage.


E15 || Is Masturbation Ok for a Christian
Show Details4min 31s
E14 || I Want To Keep My Surname
Show Details3min 27s
E13 || He Insists on Pursuing Business
Show Details7min 51s
E12 || My Husband Wants A Joint Account
Show Details3min 57s
E11 || My Fiancé Is A Divorcee || Singles Edition
Show Details2min 16s
E10 || Asking my husband for help with housework
Show Details8min 12s
E09 || I Lost Confidence After Giving Birth
Show Details5min 59s
E08 || Does God Approve Of Oral Sex?
Show Details4min 14s
E07 || He Treats My Children Differently
Show Details5min 59s
E06 || I Thought I Would Change Him
Show Details4min 40s
E05 || The Church Won't Let Me Divorce
Show Details6min 59s
E04 || He Wants Provocative Lingerie
Show Details3min 11s
E03 || He Swears in front of My Children
Show Details10min 17s
E02 || Is my African Culture Important in Christ?
Show Details10min 35s
E01 || My Husband is a Verbal Bully
Show Details5min 30s