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Asian American Forward Podcast

Every week co-hosts Don Sun and Katie Simpson will cover top political issues of the day, relevant Supreme Court Cases, literature, and American culture. Come to be informed, stay to be inspired!


Lanhee Chen
Show Details26min 2s
"Andrew Yang, In the Flesh"
Show Details18min 36s
Episode 31: Teresa Keng
Show Details17min 38s
Revisiting the Chinese Exclusion Act
Show Details21min 9s
Bonus Episode: Michelle Wu Interview
Show Details30min 31s
Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami
Show Details31min 5s
Processing Andrew Yang's NY Mayor Loss
Show Details30min 35s
China vs. US: Superpower Rematch, Economic Edition
Show Details18min 34s
Pop-Culture and Politics
Show Details17min
The Politics of Organ Donation
Show Details18min 45s
How Campaigns Woo Potential Endorsers
Show Details31min
What does India's new Covid outbreak tell us about the future of the virus?
Show Details32min 12s
Yang's Blunder on Israel and Palestine
Show Details15min 50s
How Have Responses to Political Sex Scandals Changed?
Show Details36min 30s
Forms of Political Leadership (feat. NYC City Council Candidate Hailing Chen and Strategist Trip Yang)
Show Details34min
Do Mass Shootings Represent a "Return to Normal?"
Show Details35min 58s
NYC City Council Candidate Panel (feat. Sandra Ung and Gigi Li)
Show Details39min 10s
Why Do New Immigrants Lean Republican?
Show Details39min
Dao Yin and Edwin Wong on the Future of NYC
Show Details47min 10s
Dictatorship vs Democracy--Who Wins the COVID Response Competition?
Show Details50min 40s
Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes and the Future of NYC (feat. Manhattan DA Candidate Eliza Orlins)
Show Details31min 30s
Responding to Recent Asian American Hate Crimes
Show Details32min 52s
Ten Ways the Pandemic Changed Our Lives
Show Details38min 42s
Does Affirmative Action Discriminate Against Asian Americans?
Show Details39min 30s
The Case for Ranked Choice Voting (feat. Rob Richie of Fairvote)
Show Details35min 38s
How Much of These Hills Is Gold by C Pam Zhang
Show Details30min 54s
Interview: Sandy Chau
Show Details29min 22s
Celebrating Chinese New Year
Show Details31min 22s
The Plague by Albert Camus
Show Details41min 5s
Insurrection and Inauguration: The Politics of 2021
Show Details35min 31s
Inside Andrew Yang's Run for New York Mayor
Show Details34min
Book Review: City of Dreams by Tyler Anbinder
Show Details33min 50s
Asian Americans and Misinformation
Show Details23min 9s