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Artistic Beginnings

Explore how art impacts everyone's path through life. We speak with a variety of creatives to learn about their artistic beginnings.


Artistic Check-In
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What I Wish I knew... Dawn (Mom) Hollis
Show Details25min 18s
What I Wish I knew... Melody talks Reputation
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What I Wish I knew... Mitch shares his innocence
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Still Artistic Beginnings
Show Details12min 19s
Breathe Better, with Steve (Dad) Hollis
Show Details47min 53s
Tik Tok Creator Gabrielle Friedman
Show Details39min 12s
Tik Tok for Dummies
Show Details23min 46s
Consuming Entertainment... Work or play?
Show Details16min 42s
To the New Girls from Laura Hunter Drago
Show Details36min 39s
Thank you 2020... But really thank you Melody
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College... Worth it? - Artistic Article Analysis (AAA)
Show Details14min 18s
College... Worth it? - Brendon Martin’s Take
Show Details36min 53s
College... Worth it? - Pros and Cons
Show Details28min 48s
Thank you! Thanksgiving Episode
Show Details9min 31s
College... Worth it? - Audition Horror Stories
Show Details40min 59s
Time to Fight Stage Fright!
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What is “Pay to Play” anyway?
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Actor to Artist: Jodi Moore Lewis
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Actor Nightmares!
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Comedy and Storytelling with Shannon O'Connor
Show Details32min 25s
Jacqueline Scislowski... Power Ranger or Angry Old Man?
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Cabaret can change lives with Ari Axelrod
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Mental health and the Arts with Chris Smith
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The tale of Bill Berloni - Theatrical Animals
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From Dinner Theatre to Character Actor Dog Trainer, with Brian Michael Hoffman
Show Details38min 15s
Is memorization important?
Show Details48min 17s
Education in entertainment with Amy Wolk
Show Details30min 32s
Tuffet Schmelzle and her dialect fancy
Show Details52min 2s
Is ART the Product or the Journey?
Show Details30min 23s
Kyle Branzel on why quitting is ok
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Kim and Ket's Story and how they... stay alive
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Kim Burns and her journey to a balanced identity
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Ketryn Porter and how to take on fear!
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Performer’s path to Directing with Allison Sheff
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Having a 9-5 is not giving up - How Nick Lorenzini approaches a creative life.
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Skills to be a better actor with Juliana Hansen
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Pursuing your passion can change the world with Angela Sauer
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Balancing Music and Medicine with Kaevon
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How to make your own work with Lianne O'Shea
Show Details35min 52s
Byram on how to harness inspiration for your creative expression
Show Details32min 23s
Michael Thomas Holmes on having two artistic paths
Show Details33min 12s
Tessa Germaine and how to develop stories in film
Show Details46min 16s
Jeff Ashkin and the importance of limiting variables in your artistic work
Show Details50min 21s
Alex Mentzel combining social impact and the arts
Show Details46min 25s
Justin Miller shows that artistic passion can help build community and overcome challenges
Show Details27min 33s
Sebastian Schug and the creative world of publishing
Show Details30min 22s
Tiege Dooley-Panko and her exciting creative path
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Leo Wiggins shares his creative path to Voice Over
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David Robinson and her authentic self
Show Details44min 2s
Scott Alda Coffey on building a creative life.
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Bonus: Scott Alda Coffey shares his filming experience on the set of the movie THE OUTPOST
Show Details16min 14s
Anna Peterson Macsalka is bringing mindfulness to our youth using her creative skills
Show Details51min 19s
Ashley Argota discusses the path to becoming an actress
Show Details32min 40s
Tessa Rae Evelyn on how to effectively transition between creative paths
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Joe Cuanan on balancing life and growing your passion
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Meet the Gang: Mitch Hollis
Show Details26min 38s
Meet the Gang: Melody Hollis
Show Details19min 33s
Teaser Artistic Beginnings
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