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After Artifact 2019: "Artifact is the Anchorman of Card Games"
Show Details57min 34s
OG squad is back - Show Finale!
Show Details43min 6s
Favourite pizza and TV shows!
Show Details38min 1s
Nikita the Saviour!
Show Details55min 40s
If all our listeners play one game of Artifact a week we can save the game, it's high school biology!
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Flash yells at reddit for 57 minutes!
Show Details57min 42s
Getting signed to the Artifact gold mine!
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Paper vs Digital!
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We're still in it for the long haul!
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Interview with RobAJG!
Show Details54min
Interview with Gela!
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Interview with Nikita!
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Interview with ZoochZ!
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2018 Artifact Awards Show - The Swan Song of Wabbits!
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Crashing into patch 1.1!
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The episode that happened in a wind tunnel!
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I just said goodbye to myself!
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What is Asap Anyway?
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