Arteetude Episode 177: Detlef Schlich Discussing Hagalaz - Unveiling the Healing Power of Art and Ritual

Season 1 | Episode 177
28m | May 14, 2023

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"In episode 177 of Arteetude 🎙️, we journey through a transformative exploration of art 🎨, ritual 🕯️, and healing 💚. Delve deep into the conception and execution of 'Hagalaz - A Ritual Mantra Rap 🎤,' an artistic endeavour designed to expel negative energy 🌪️ and foster healing 🌿. This immersive discussion takes you through the week-long process of ritual creation, influenced by the potent symbolism of Odin's runes 🏺 and the transformative power of art 🖼️.

Hear about the ethical 😇 and emotional 💭 implications faced when using personal suffering as a foundation for artistic expression. Learn how the artist navigates these challenges to ensure that the ritual fosters healing, rather than exacerbating pain. Discover the profound impact of this ritual on its participant and how it sparked a meaningful dialogue in the art world 💬.

Join us as we discuss the controversies ❗ and triumphs 🏆 that followed the project, from winning awards at independent film festivals 🎥 to raising concerns about the use of runes. This episode is a testament to the power of art in navigating personal trauma and the enduring conversation about the role of art and artists in society 🎭.

Whether you're an artist 🖌️, art enthusiast 🖼️, or anyone interested in the intersection of art, psychology 🧠, and healing, this episode promises a deep and thought-provoking exploration 🌌."

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ArTEEtude is a podcast created and produced by Detlef Schlich that explores the intersection of art, digital culture, and true stories in West Cork. Schlich, a multi-disciplinary artist, operates his podcast with a cross-sectoral approach, believing that a visual artist should think beyond being just an antagonist and instead strive to be a protagonist. Through this podcast, he dives into the unknown depths of the creative mind to uncover new perspectives and ideas.

Detlef Schlich is a podcaster, visual artist, filmmaker, ritual designer, and media archaeologist based in West Cork. He is recognized for his seminal work, including a scholarly examination of the intersections between shamanism, art, and digital culture, as well as his acclaimed video installation, Transodin's Tragedy. He primarily works in performance, photography, painting, sound, installations, and film. In his work, he reflects on the human condition and uses the digital shaman's methodology as an alter ego to create artwork. His media archaeology is a conceptual and practical exercise in uncovering the unique aesthetic, cultural and political aspects of media in culture.


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