Art School Albums

A podcast dedicated to curating the ultimate art school soundtrack


The Flaming Lips 'The Soft Bulletin' with Owen Misterovich
Show Details1hr 14min
Modern Baseball's 'You're Gonna Miss It All' with Quintin Reynolds
Show Details1hr 12min
'Vampire Weekend' with Tally Dully
Show Details1hr 22min
Top 10 Albums of 2019
Show Details52min 2s
Chris Farren's 'Like a Gift From God or Whatever' with Allison Cochrane & Jake Klingensmith
Show Details1hr 15min
Neutral Milk Hotel's 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' with Griffin Mang
Show Details1hr 12min
Weezer's 'Pinkerton' with Jake Klingensmith
Show Details1hr 8min