Transform Your Relationship with Money: A Workshop for Artists hosted by Lauryn Hill from Curated Splash

1h 2m | Oct 12, 2023

Welcome to Season 5's Bonus Episode, an exclusive recording of the 'Unlocking Wealth Workshop: Transform Your Relationship with Money' hosted by Season 5 co-host Lauryn Hill from Curated Splash.

Topics covered: 

3 fundamental principles 

  • Slowing down and connecting with present moment to release limiting beliefs and let go of scarcity mindset 
  • Shifting mindset to the infinite- abundance mindset for money to flow to you 
  • Being of service- seeing your value and sharing it with the world 

Easy check in questions (inspired by Ryan Roi):

  1. If you were to pretend that you were in an intimate relationship with money, as if money were a person in your life how would you describe that relationship? Are you at ease? Are you avoiding it? Angry or resentful? What does that relationship look like? If you don’t have a great relationship then it probably doesn't want to stay in your life… 
  2. What kind of relationship would you choose to have with money if you could have any kind of relationship? Thinking about money as a child that you care for and that you help grow… 
  3. What are some ways that you could cultivate that relationship right now? Learning how to be a good steward for your money, how do you want to show up to that relationship? 
  4. What are some of your inherent ways of being/belief systems that you got from your parents/mentors or from society in general? 
  5. How can I find new and joyful ways for money to flow to me? 

Live coaching at the end with workshop participants 

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