(Re-Air) A Field Guide to Networking for Emerging Artists

33m | Oct 19, 2023

(Re-Air) Welcome to Season 5 Episode 8 of Art Is... a podcast for artists, where we brainstorm the future of the art world and the creative industries.

In this episode, hosts Lauryn and Isotta delve into the discomfort that many creatives experience when it comes to networking. They shed light on how social exposure can significantly benefit your professional and personal well-being, especially in light of the changes brought about by COVID-19. The hosts also address limiting stereotypes surrounding artists and art business, which can negatively influence our self-image and self-concept as capable networkers and business people. 

Within our conversation, a pivotal focus lies in identifying those limiting beliefs that can profoundly affect your networking experiences, especially when it comes to sharing your work and articulating your artistic identity. Isotta imparts her own encounters with networking in the era of zoom, imparting insights into the dynamic shifts that have characterized the networking landscape.

Lauryn and Isotta navigate the intricate terrain that bridges friendship and business relationships. This connection is vividly illustrated through a compelling clip featuring filmmakers Loria King and Avril Z Speaks, from Season 4, Episode 13 "BLACK AMERICA IS…"

Central to this episode is the concept of self-inquiry, where the hosts encourage you to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Lauryn emphasizes the importance of "reading the room" and crafting an elevator pitch to eloquently introduce your artistic practice, effectively adapting your approach to diverse situations.

The episode concludes with a clip from an Instagram live Lauryn hosted with artist Olivia Brydon, shedding light on the extraordinary value of in-person networking. This clip underscores the potential for growth and opportunity that arises through conversation with clients and fellow art enthusiasts.

For emerging artists poised to broaden their horizons, redefine their self-concept, and unlock the full potential of networking, this podcast episode is essential. Tune in and equip yourself with the insights and tools to forge connection and open doors to endless possibility. 

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the discomfort many creatives have around networking 
  • The benefits of social exposure on your health and wellbeing professionally and personally, how covid changed things 
  • Stereotypes around artists and art business playing into our own self image and self concept
  • Identifying limiting beliefs - sharing your work and explaining yourself and how networking plays into this
  • Isotta’s experience networking on zoom during covid 
  • How to categorize relationships - understanding expectations and what people bring to to relationships 
  • Bridging the gap between friendship and business as seen through the clip of Loria King and Avril Z Speaks, film makers and creators of BLACK AMERICA IS… originally from Season 4 Episode 13 Reframing Networking as Friendship
  • Self inquiry - getting to know the different versions of yourself so you can introduce yourself and your practice in different ways
  • “Reading the room” asking people the right questions 
  • Strengthening your self concept 
  • The elevator pitch - the importance of creating a statement for yourself 
  • Olivia Brydon Clip from IG live with Lauryn Hill, her love of in person meet ups and learning by observing and conversing with clients and art lovers 
  • Seeing networking as an endless pool of resources


Curated Splash’s The Introvert’s Guide To Networking 

Formulating an Elevator Pitch 

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Avril Z Speaks 

Olivia Brydon IG Live Interview with Lauryn Hill

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