(Re-Air) Facing the Fear of Being Seen: Identify Your Desires and Shift Your Self Concept

30m | Nov 9, 2023

(Re-Air) Welcome to Season 5 Episode 7 of Art Is... a podcast for artists, where we brainstorm the future of the art world and the creative industries.

In this episode, hosts Lauryn and Isotta tackle the often-hidden struggle of emerging artists: the fear of being seen and the challenge of sharing your work with the world. They guide you through transformative questions to combat self-doubt, helping you tap into your passion. Envision the potential that arises when you genuinely believe in a devoted audience eagerly embracing your creations.

Imagine what it could be like when you make the empowering decision to share your work with the world and make a remarkable shift in your mindset. Delve into the intriguing parallels the hosts draw, shedding light on the pivotal steps of overcoming fear and embracing risk-taking that guide you on the path to authenticity.

The conversation also includes a comment on Instagram and the negative effects it can have on artists' self-perception. Isotta candidly shares her personal experience with comparison and intentionality, shedding light on the nuances of navigating social media as an emerging sculptor. 

Lauryn also introduces a pivotal tool she employs with her clients: the Ideal Customer Avatar exercise from Curated Splash. This exercise aims to assist you in unraveling new threads and fostering experimentation in contemplating your audience and how you connect with them. By engaging in this process, you can gain valuable insights into identifying your target audience and refining your approach to reach them effectively.

Sharing key quotes from Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way," Lauryn and Isotta discuss conquering fear and self-doubt. Together, they encourage you to tap into your inner desires and get to know yourself better. Lauryn epitomizes this by sharing a clip from her conversation with Cristina Morris, featured in Lauryn's captivating IG live series. In the clip Cristina tells of her dance video going viral. 

The conversation takes a powerful turn at the end of the episode as they explore the need to shift your self-concept and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. The mantra "take the body and the mind will follow" becomes a guiding principle in this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. If you're an artist eager for a fresh perspective on professional development, be sure to give this podcast episode a listen!

Topics covered:

  • Tackling inner fear of being seen, of showing your work to the world and being visible as an artist 
  • Questions to ask yourself when self doubt comes up: Why do you love what you have to offer? Why is what you have to offer so amazing? How would you show up if you believed that there were people in line ready and waiting to buy from you? 
  • Mindset shift that happens when you decide to share with the world
  • How Instagram plays into this, and Isotta’s experience with comparison and intentionality 
  • Defining your ideal customer, Curated Splash Customer Avatar exercise 
  • Overcoming fear and self doubt in The Artist’s Way book, by Julia Cameron 
  • Getting in touch and discovering our inner desires, professionally and creatively like being famous
  • Cristina Morris clip, from Lauryn’s IG live series 
  • Cristina’s experience going viral for dancing 
  • Self concept shift, and letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self talk “take the body and the mind will follow” 

Resources Mentioned: 

The Artists Way Book, by Julia Cameron 

Curated Splash Blog by Lauryn Hill 

Cristina Morris, Photographer (from clip about viral video) @cmellestudios   

Cristina’s viral dace clip 

TASCHEN Publishing 

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