Unblocking Energy Flow: Money Insights from Ryan Roi, Tattoo Artist Turned Financial Advisor

38m | Jul 27, 2023

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 5 of Art Is... a podcast for artists, where we brainstorm the future of the art world and the creative industries.

In this episode, we have a special treat for our listeners as creative career coach Lauryn Hill sits down for a heart-to-heart conversation with Ryan Roi, a tattoo artist turned financial coach.

The discussion kicks off with an exploration of the concept of being blocked, emotionally and psychologically when it comes to the financial management of your artistic practice and art business. Together, Lauryn and Ryan delve into the intriguing realm of using creative techniques, such as 'being in flow,' as a powerful tool to unblock stress around money management and financial planning.

Ryan draws inspiration from the renowned arts manual 'The Artist's Way' as he infuses his unique approach into various techniques and exercises that can be adapted to deal with stuck energy and emotions related to the role of money in our creative practices. His invaluable insights provide effective methods for managing emotional discomfort and anxiety, making the journey towards financial well-being a transformative and empowering experience.

One notable tool that comes up in the conversation is the art of manifesting. Lauryn and Ryan elaborate on how visualization can help individuals set clear goals and envision possibilities, reinforcing the idea that 'the unmanifested cannot manifest.'

Listeners also get an exclusive peek into Ryan's financial advisory business, gaining insights into how his money management program operates. He shares unique techniques, including the use of multiple bank accounts and automating money flow, which have proven successful in helping artists take charge of their finances and gain long term clarity over how they spend and save money. 

Ryan's personal journey to sobriety and fundamental mindset shift around money in his creative business serve as an inspiration to artists and entrepreneurs alike. His transformation sheds light on the importance of changing our perception of money and looking at it as a flow of energy, neutral and ever-changing, flowing to us and away from us.

This coach-to-coach conversation holds immense value for artists, as it unveils the transformative power of changing one's perception and liberating oneself and creative practice from anxiety surrounding money. Emphasizing that the unmanifested can indeed be manifested, the key lies in embracing a shift in perception and harnessing the creative flow of energy to unlock a world of financial freedom and artistic abundance.

Join Lauryn in this solo interview with Ryan as they unpack the symbiotic relationship between creativity and financial well-being, offering practical advice and thought-provoking ideas to empower artists in their business journeys.

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