Resilience Unveiled: Candid Insights on Manifestation, Authenticity, and Inner Dialogue

24m | Aug 3, 2023

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 6 of Art Is... a podcast for artists, where we brainstorm the future of the art world and the creative industries.

In this eye-opening episode, Lauryn and Isotta venture into the heart of why resilience is essential, delving deep into its significance for artists. They meticulously explore the contrast between external and internal friction, spotlighting this often-overlooked topic that holds immense importance for artists and their creative journeys. 

Lauryn and Isotta take a fascinating detour by drawing parallels from an unexpected source: Arnold Schwarzenegger. While his journey might seem unrelated to that of artists at first glance, it proves to be an incredibly useful and intriguing example of resilience. Lauryn shares a captivating experience attending the TASCHEN Arnold Schwarzenegger event, celebrating his new limited edition book. Lauryn briefly delves into Arnold's story of unwavering commitment and dedication to his passions, moving beyond the naysayers from bodybuilding to acting, and finding success by being intune with his authentic path. 

Stepping through fear and embracing risk-taking become crucial topics of discussion, as Isotta and Lauryn explore the significance of internal dialogue in paving the way towards authenticity. Being receptive to 'friction' becomes an important skill they discuss in discerning between external vs internal blocks and self-imposed obstacles. Isotta shares her own experiences with this, revealing how she recognized and conquered certain creative roadblocks we all face.

The conversation then evolves into the realms of manifestation and inner work, uncovering the questions that lead to the discovery of one's authentic self and path. Reflecting on childhood passions and common interests with friends proves to be a valuable starting point for self-discovery. The episode culminates with practical insights on how to start manifesting in both life and creative work.

Join Lauryn and Isotta on this candid episode as they unravel the secrets of resilience, inner strength, and manifestation. Get ready to expand your creative journey and embrace your authentic path to artistic abundance.

If you're an artist seeking personal growth and creative fulfillment, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in and discover the tools to harness your true internal power and break free from self-imposed limitations. Get ready to step into alignment and unlock the art of manifestation in your own life and work.

Get ready to be inspired as they shed light on the importance of resilience in your artistic journey, providing practical insights to help you thrive and grow as an emerging artist.

** We will be on summer break for the rest of August! See you back for more of Art Is... a podcast for artists Season 5 on September 7th 2023!**

Topics covered 

  • What is resilience, external vs internal, how do we discern and find our true internal power 
  • Lauryn shares about her experience attending the TASCHEN Arnold Shwarzneger event, for his new limited edition book
  • Arnold’s story of commitment and dedication to his passion - how he moved past the naysayers from bodybuilding to acting 
  • Stepping through fear and risk taking, internal dialogue and finding your authentic path 
  • What is manifestation and inner work? 
  • Questions that lead you to discover your authentic self and path: what do I value most? What feels authentic to me? What lights me up? 
  • Reflecting on your childhood is a good place to start, what did I love to do when I was a kid? What do I have in common with my friends? What do I love to talk about? 
  • Acknowledging the call and response of life, testing things out and seeing how to configure your actions and thoughts with this newfound awareness
  • Being receptive towards ‘friction’ and discerning when things are getting externally blocked or internally, how to interrogate when you are in your own way and move past self imposed blocks
  • Being in alignment and and staying present in the moment 
  • How to start manifesting in your own life and work 

Resources Mentioned: 

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield 

Curated Splash “Unlocking Wealth and Abundance: Three Spiritual Principles to Transform Your Relationship with Money” 

TASCHEN Publishing 

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** We will be on summer break for the rest of August! See you back for more of Art Is... a podcast for artists Season 5 on September 7th 2023!**

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