Crafting Your Strategy: From Studio to Social Media

29m | Sep 21, 2023

Welcome to Season 5 Episode 9 of Art Is... a podcast for artists, where we brainstorm the future of the art world and the creative industries.

In this week's illuminating episode, Lauryn and Isotta embark on a journey to decode the art of strategy in both your creative studio practice and your online presence. Join them as they explore invaluable insights and strategies that will transform the way you approach your creative endeavors.

Lauryn shares her coaching strategy that's bound to elevate your productivity and impact. Discover the power of honing in on just three results, the true "needle movers" in your work. Drawing inspiration from Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog, she explores the concept of tackling discomfort head-on to get things done.

Isotta then takes the stage to unravel her story and strategy for sharing her creative work effectively in the digital realm. Learn how to find inspiration in your own body of work and leverage it for compelling content creation.

Lauryn also breaks down her social media strategy, unveiling the profound connection between consistency and increased sales. If you've ever wondered how to make social media work for your creative business, this segment is a must-listen.

They then go onto explore the anxiety created by thoughts of sharing openly in your creative journey and then getting taken advantage of. They discuss how to conquer the fear of being copied or exploited with a compelling clip from none other than Walid Azami, the renowned celebrity photographer and coach. They also dive deep into the transformative power of replacing jealousy and scarcity with an abundance mindset. 

Lastly, Lauryn and Isotta guide you through the process of creating a positive self-concept. How to identify your unique strengths, passions, and talents to empower your strategy for both creative work and business. This episode is your roadmap to strategic success, both in the studio and on the digital stage. Tune in and take the first step toward crafting your own creative strategy for lasting success

Topics covered: 

  • Understanding how to create strategy in your work and in your studio practice
  • Lauryn’s coaching strategy: Focus on 3 results ie needle movers
  • Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy - get it done so you don't sit in discomfort 
  • Creating momentum in your workflow and setting realistic goals 
  • Isotta’s strategy for sharing work online - the segments of her work and how she shares 
  • Drawing on work already done (ie artist statement or portfolio, presentation slide deck etc) for content creation 
  • Lauryn’s social media strategy broken down, how being consistent leads to more sales
  • Exploring the idea of sharing openly, fear or being copied or taken advantage through clip of Walid Azami celebrity photographer and business coach for creatives 
  • Walid Azami’s strategy for sharing his knowledge and teaching other creatives, his attitude towards people copying you, “if they copy they are always behind you”
  • Competition vs collaboration and scarcity vs abundance mindset, racing down to the bottom of the barrel, elevating the field 
  • Replacing jealousy and scarcity with abundance mindset, “if this can happen for them this can happen for me too” 
  • Creating positive self concept- what are your strengths, passions, talents? To create empowerment in your strategy for your creative work and business


Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

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