Art Conversations with Lisa Jayne Irvine

A podcast for artists, creatives & art lovers alike. 

Canadian Visual Artist, Lisa Jayne Irvine explores the many facets of the art world through conversations with artists, art professionals and industry specialists. Whether you’re looking for new ideas for the studio, want to improve your art business, or learn about exhibitions.


Episode 19 - Lois Schklar
Show Details28min 25s
Episode 18 - Kelly O'Neill
Show Details29min 26s
Episode 17 - Sharifah Marsden
Show Details30min 3s
Episode 16 - Spark Box Studio
Show Details54min 10s
Episode 15 - Andrew McPhail
Show Details26min 58s
Episode 14 - Kim-Lee Kho
Show Details43min 16s
Episode 13 - Joanne Poluch
Show Details36min 38s
Episode 12 - Annis Karpenko
Show Details33min 31s
Episode 11 - James Fowler
Show Details41min 33s
Episode 10 - Keila Strong
Show Details31min 4s
Episode 9 - Kim Lee Kho & Kal Honey
Show Details50min 57s
Episode 8 - Amrita Virdi
Show Details31min 24s
Episode 7 - Christine Montague
Show Details31min 29s
Episode 6 - Kal Honey
Show Details25min 16s
Episode 5 - Marie Payne
Show Details26min 48s
Episode 4 - Reinhard Reitzenstein
Show Details53min 5s
Episode 3 - Williams Huffman
Show Details45min 18s
Episode 2 - Lila Lewis Irving
Show Details32min 39s
Episode 1 - Lydia Swanson
Show Details24min 30s
Welcome & Introduction
Show Details3min 43s