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Arranging Us with Carvinta Collins

Welcome to Arranging Us with Carvinta Collins, the show where Carvinta breaks down ideas and views on Women's topics in a demystified way. Carvinta digs into all genetic and health-related factors, emotional and personality factors, societal factors, spiritual beliefs, and the stage of life that reflects on many situations. The key is to put things in a neat and suitable sequence to bring out the most satisfactory adjustments in women's lives. Carvinta speaks on five interactive forces that make us who we are, how we behave, how we respond to different things, and how we feel about things that happen to us. The five forces are:

 1). Biological

2). Psychological

3). Socio-cultural

4). Spiritual

5). Life-Cycle

This show will enable women to affect change, create new awareness, and move right into action while keeping in mind the bigger picture of balancing family life, social life, and, last but not least, spiritual life.


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Episode # 10: Aging with Sex (The Life-Cycle Force)
Show Details23min 41s
Episode # 9: Sex is God's Gift (The Spiritual Force)
Show Details41min 2s
Episode # 8: The Influences Surrounding Sex (The Socio-Cultural Force)
Show Details27min 49s
Episode # 7: Sex on the Mind (The Psychological Force)
Show Details31min 18s
Episode # 6: Fascinating Sex Discussion with the Female Body (The Biological Force)
Show Details40min 13s
Bonus Episode Relaxation Training with a Godly Focus Short Clip
Show Details13min 11s
Bonus Episode About Stress: Special Guest Rachelle Johnson
Show Details2hr 1min
Episode # 5 Stress and Age Relationship (The Life-Cycle Force)
Show Details29min 46s
Episode # 4 Stress from a Biblical Perspective (The Spiritual Force)
Show Details1hr
Episode # 3 Stress Affected by Culture (The Socio-Cultural Force)
Show Details29min 46s
Episode # 2: Stress on the Mind (The Psychological Force)
Show Details21min 43s
Episode # 1 Stress on the Body (The Biological Force)
Show Details23min 15s
Arranging Us Trailer
Show Details7min 47s