Arkdefo Slow Radio

Andrew & Elizaveta Bennett from Arkdefo will be discussing all things from slow fashion, ethical consumerism, re-education of handcrafts, designing & making your own wardrobe, textile waste & our impact on the planet, corporate pollution, circular economy, greenwashing, teaching kids to be creative, the positive power of sewing, tackling fast fashion and how to change the world. Someone has to!


Episode 8 - Black Friday
Show Details55min 16s
Episode 7 - Build Your Own Wardrobe
Show Details45min 2s
Episode 6 - Rentals and Sustainable Weddings
Show Details57min 41s
Episode 5 - Upcycling
Show Details51min 1s
Episode 4 - Body Image
Show Details54min 41s
Episode 3 - Free Returns and Charity Donations
Show Details51min 36s
Episode 2 - Greenwashing
Show Details57min 57s
Welcome to Arkdefo Slow Radio - Episode 1
Show Details52min 45s