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Argy Bargy

Telling the tail of the division below the Premier League. The Championship is an unpredictable and unforgiving league fill with eclectic charm and more drama than just about any other in the world. 


Major managerial change rocks England, Fulham and the Rs meeting, and major Pod news
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Good bye to Mr. Jones
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Facial recognition software fun in Wales, plus Preston Nothenders never say die
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Miazga, Mitrovic, and Millwall, oh my!
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Forest loses, Stoke wins, and America has a new last minute hero
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Even without games, the Championship gives
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West Brom falls, Huddersfield gets a win and Neil Harris leaves the Den
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Late goals and TV deals
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Teenagers score, two managers make their debut, and Lee Bowyer plays a game of angry ball
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The Welsh sit at the top and a fox sinks Stoke
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Their class starts to show through
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Week three and we say goodbye to our first manager
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Transfer window closes and week two gets it going
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Week one done and transfer window closing, the Championship gets real
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Welcome to the 2019-20 Championship season!
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