Archie Andrews

Archie was invariably dressed in a broad-striped blazer, and addressed the ventriloquist as "Brough". The television scripts were written by Marty Feldman and Ronald Chesney.

The radio show had a children's fan club that at one time had 250,000 members. Among future stars who appeared on the show were Tony Hancock, Dick Emery,


Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Helping Dad At The Office
Show Details27min 37s
Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Bankrupt Rumor
Show Details27min 52s
Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Too Hot To Sleep
Show Details28min 30s
Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Football Tickets
Show Details28min 48s
Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Horseback Riding Lessons
Show Details28min 1s
Archie Andrews_xx-xx-xx_(x)_Late For School
Show Details27min 42s
Archie Andrews_51-06-03_(x)_The Economy Program
Show Details23min 54s
Archie Andrews_51-05-27_(x)_Babysitting
Show Details29min 39s
Archie Andrews_51-05-20_(x)_Big Ballgame
Show Details29min 31s
Archie Andrews_51-05-05_(x)_Jalopy Wont Start
Show Details28min 40s
Archie Andrews_51-03-17_(x)_Too Much Noise
Show Details29min 31s
Archie Andrews_51-03-10_(x)_Mailing The Income Tax
Show Details29min 33s
Archie Andrews_50-11-18_(x)_The Charleston Contest
Show Details29min 30s
Archie Andrews_50-11-11_(x)_Mouse In The House
Show Details29min 32s
Archie Andrews_50-03-04_(x)_Archie Is Nowhere To Be Found
Show Details29min 31s
Archie Andrews_49-12-17_(x)_Christmas Shopping
Show Details28min 55s
Archie Andrews_49-08-24_(x)_Trying To Go Fishing
Show Details24min 33s
Archie Andrews_49-07-13_(x)_Sun Burned
Show Details31min 51s
Archie Andrews_49-05-28_(x)_Careful - Dont Waken Father
Show Details29min 9s
Archie Andrews_49-05-21_(x)_The New TV Set
Show Details32min 20s
Archie Andrews_48-xx-xx_(x)_Dinner In A Restaurant
Show Details29min 14s
Archie Andrews_48-12-04_(x)_Job At The Drugstore
Show Details29min 46s
Archie Andrews_48-11-27_(x)_Laryngitis Ruins Dads Nap
Show Details28min 50s
Archie Andrews_48-11-13_(x)_A Good Night's Sleep
Show Details27min 52s
Archie Andrews_48-11-20_(x)_Guests Are Coming For Dinner
Show Details27min 26s
Archie Andrews_48-11-13_(x)_A Good Nights Sleep
Show Details27min 52s
Archie Andrews_48-11-06_(x)_Locked Out Of The House
Show Details27min 54s
Archie Andrews_48-10-30_(x)_Halloween Party
Show Details24min 52s
Archie Andrews_48-09-25_(x)_Free Movie Tickets
Show Details30min 12s
Archie Andrews_48-09-11_(x)_Borrowing A Tire Jack
Show Details30min 58s
Archie Andrews_48-09-18_(x)_Archie's In Love
Show Details30min 18s
Archie Andrews_48-09-04_(x)_The Big Dance
Show Details29min 48s
Archie Andrews_48-08-21_(x)_Going On A Picnic
Show Details30min 20s
Archie Andrews_48-07-17_(x)_Mr Andrews Wallpapers A Room
Show Details29min 51s
Archie Andrews_48-07-10_(x)_Archie Gets Dressed For A Date
Show Details28min 19s
Archie Andrews_48-08-07_(x)_Suffering From The Heat
Show Details29min 47s
Archie Andrews_48-06-12_(x)_Archie Fights A Cold
Show Details29min 15s
Archie Andrews_48-05-15_(x)_The Hiccups (Good Nights Sleep)
Show Details28min 8s
Archie Andrews_47-12-13_(x)_Christmas Shopping
Show Details26min 49s
Archie Andrews_47-11-15_(x)_Going To Bed Early
Show Details31min 33s
Archie Andrews_47-03-15_(x)_The Red Cross Benefit
Show Details27min 58s
Archie Andrews_46-08-03_(x)_No Rest For Fred Andrews
Show Details29min 33s
Archie Andrews_46-10-19_(x)_Double Date
Show Details29min 49s
Archie Andrews_45-06-23_(x)_Nazi POW In Riverdale
Show Details27min 55s
Archie Andrews_47-08-09_(x)_Double Date(Same Script As 46-10-19)
Show Details30min 44s
Archie Andrews_46-07-13_(x)_Stranded On Deserted Island
Show Details29min 31s
Archie Andrews_46-07-20_(x)_The Hammock
Show Details29min 32s
Archie Andrews_46-07-27_(x)_Drugstore Mixup
Show Details29min 48s
Archie Andrews_46-05-18_(x)_Hip Talk
Show Details29min 31s
Archie Andrews_46-07-06_(x)_Masked Marvel
Show Details29min 32s
Archie Andrews_46-05-11_(x)_Poison Candy
Show Details29min 30s
Archie Andrews_46-05-07_(x)_A Day At Camp (Special Broadcast)
Show Details13min 39s