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We’re not sure how it happened, but there’s no denying that life has changed drastically in recent years.

We are now living in an era where information is scarce, resources are limited, and violence dominates every aspect of our lives.

The government has unfortunately done nothing for humanity except create fear with their strict laws and regulations. It seems that we are destined to live in this dark world forever…


The Great Migration Reset: 2030
Show Details2min 20s
One Man’s Fight for Survival in a Dystopian Future: A Story of Resistance
Show Details4min 35s
The world is on fire – 20 years of peace and prosperity destroyed in minutes
Show Details8min 54s
The Government’s Plan for a Police State: Using the Power Outage Crisis to Condition Us
Show Details8min 34s
20 years after the persecution of Christians began.
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