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ArabicEpiphany | Learn Arabic

ArabicEpiphany Podcast - Your Guide to Levantine Arabic

(Beginner's Podcast- Will increase in difficulty with time)

Learn SPOKEN Levantine Arabic naturally with a polyglot who speaks 7+ languages and her family.

  • Arabic dialogues, audios & conversations (lower level)
  • English episodes about the Arabic culture, language learning and personal development.
  • And more!

For far too long, resources for Levantine Arabic have been scarce. It’s time to change that. Arabic doesn’t have to be hard. Are you ready for your 'AHA' moment? Free transcripts & translations provided in the description ☺️

Instagram: @arabicepiphany

PODCAST COMING SOON... (within the next few months)

*Levantine Arabic: Arabic spoken in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria. This podcast is in Palestinian Arabic.

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This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.