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Churches and Sand Castles
Show Details7min 2s
The Gospel of the Three Little Pigs
Show Details4min 4s
Optimal Church Environment
Show Details5min 57s
COVID19 - Shopping Mall Churches Face the Music
Show Details11min 13s
Ephesians 4: Ministry For the Rest of Us
Show Details6min 12s
04.07.2020 - Racism: Does God Really Not See Color?
Show Details5min 12s
04.25.2020 - Discipleship: Sunglasses and Bike Rides
Show Details5min 2s
04.08.2020 - Best Practices for Christians On Social Media
Show Details55min 33s
03.27.2020 - COVID19 Aftermath: The Church Cannot Go Back to Egypt
Show Details8min 51s
03.11.2020 - Thoughts on Church Hurt
Show Details4min 31s
03.03.2020 - Divorce and the Space Between the Broken Things
Show Details10min 25s
02.17.2020 - Sticks, Stones, Rubber, and Glue - Words Matter to Me and They Should Matter to You
Show Details5min 47s
01.28.2020 - Let the Children Come
Show Details8min 56s
01.13.2020 - This is "The Way"
Show Details11min 40s