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Ancient World Podcast is about the deep Treasures of the Past, with the Greek Tradition, the Biblical Stories, the Roman Empire and the Great Rebirth of the Florentine Renaissance. Subscription Podcast is here: - welcome!


The Greek and Roman Epics, and the Personal Journey. w/Sean Eckmann!
Show Details51min 9s
Episode 10 - The Escape, and Seeing the Stars
Show Details9min 8s
Episode 9 - The Deepest Pit
Show Details10min 58s
Episode 8 - The Ten Ditches
Show Details11min 35s
Episode 7 - The Lower Inferno
Show Details11min 14s
Episode 6 - The City of the Underworld
Show Details9min 47s
Episode 5 - The Circles of Passion
Show Details10min 26s
Episode 4 - Limbo, and Aristotle.
Show Details10min 26s
Episode 3 - The Gate
Show Details10min 55s
Episode 2 - Beatrice
Show Details10min 17s
Dante's Inferno: Episode 1
Show Details10min 32s
The Ancient World, and Today.
Show Details3min 27s
Mythology and the Stories we tell
Show Details2min 19s
Etymology - the meaning of "Easter" and "Equinox"!
Show Details3min 21s
Sordello's Poem "Blacatz", and its echo in The Valley of Princes.
Show Details15min 4s
The Epic Poem "Aeneid" by Virgil, the Founding Story of the Roman Empire
Show Details20min 19s
"The Lord of the Rings", a Book Talk with Podcaster Adam Bishop
Show Details24min 59s
Interview: Dr. Phil Cary about Dante's Cosmology, and the 24 Wise People in the Sun.
Show Details56min 41s
Meditation #7 - How to escape the Grip of the Sirens
Show Details8min 30s
Meditation #6 - What motivates us, and how to create a great life!
Show Details6min 58s
Meditations #5 - Dante's thoughts on Free Will and a Predictable Future.
Show Details7min 32s
Meditations #4 - Dante's view on Imagination
Show Details7min 14s
Meditations #3 - Motion, Aristotle, and the key to Empyrean.
Show Details5min 46s
Meditations #2 - Dante asks; Why all the suffering in the World?
Show Details6min 31s
Meditations #1 - Dante, and Aiming in Life.
Show Details5min 46s
The Sun God Apollo, and the Hubris of Phaethon!
Show Details10min 3s
Dante's Vita Nuova - and Lady Philosophy!
Show Details4min 34s
Episode 10 - Happy Easter, the Journey through Purgatory, and new Videos!
Show Details5min 8s
Episode 9 - New Morning Show w/Dante! And Philosophy as being both spiritual, mystic, intellectual and rational.
Show Details14min 45s
Episode 8 - Newman, Saints, Intelligibility of the Universe, and the Immaterial. w/Sean, Greg & Dan Part II!
Show Details20min 2s
Episode 7 - Theology as Philosophy! Origen, Alexandria and the Nature of Music. w/Greg, Dan & Sean!
Show Details16min 37s
Episode 6 - Tip: Tom Holland and his Change of Mind. w/Paul Vanderklay!
Show Details11min 46s
Episode 5 - Experiencing the Divine with Reason v. Emotion. Dionysius, Gregory of Nyssa and Maximus.
Show Details19min 28s
Episode 4 - Dante, Barfield, and the Inner Spiritual Life. With Dr. Mark Vernon!
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 3 - "The Celestial Hierarchy" of Dionysius, and symbolic reading of Moses' ascent of the Mountain.
Show Details46min 35s
Episode 2 - The Life of Moses and Dante's Paradise with Dr. Dan Sheffler. The Ascent!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 1 - New Season! Diving deeper into Symbolic Readings, and expanding the Symbolic World.
Show Details27min 1s
Episode 68 - Aristotle's Concept of Origin of Nature, and Actuality of Thought
Show Details10min 17s
Episode 67 - Invoking muses and inspiration in Greek Myth. Opening the deep beauty.
Show Details13min 51s
Episode 66 - Correspondence with a Professor about Religion, Philosophy, and Dante's blending of the two traditions.
Show Details14min 50s
Episode 65 - Doubting Studies, and Aristotle's Love that Moves the Universe
Show Details13min 58s
Episode 64 - The Final Moments, of the Comedy. Canto 30-33.
Show Details23min 1s
Episode 63 - The Paradise, Canto 28. When Dante sees the end point of his Journey.
Show Details9min 7s
Episode 62 - The House of Dante, and a Growing Mind.
Show Details6min 21s
Episode 61 - The Earthly Paradise. Dante meets Beatrice, and the rebirth is complete.
Show Details28min 37s
Episode 60 - Dante climbs the next 6 Terraces, and reaches the Garden of Eden.
Show Details10min 58s
Episode 59 - The Ledge of the Proud. Dante learns about humility, and the climb gets easier.
Show Details16min 21s
Episode 58 - Arriving at the Main Gate, with three steps of marble white, dark stone and flaming red. The real climb is about to start.
Show Details16min 21s
Episode 57 - The Boatman, souls arriving on the Mountain-Island, and Dante meets an old Friend.
Show Details15min 35s
Episode 56 - Opening of Purgatory, Washing the Face as Cleansing of Sins. Humility is now guiding him towards Redemption.
Show Details11min 19s
Episode 55 - The Purgatory, with Dante. Opening with the Muses, and Cato from the Roman Empire.
Show Details9min 46s
Episode 54 - The Inspiration of Homer and Hesiod, and Greek Culture. The Muses are singing!
Show Details12min 10s
Episode 53 - Deucalion, and recreating the World after the Flood. The Oracles help.
Show Details13min 43s
Episode 52 - Prometheus, Zeus and Pandora. How Suffering came into the World.
Show Details11min 46s
Episode 51 - The Ages of Man, and the Flood in Greek Mythology.
Show Details9min 56s
Episode 50 - Greek Myth and Stories, as a Reflection of the structure of Life.
Show Details6min 31s
Episode 49 - Hubris, Minotaur and the Labyrinth, and the Icarus Myth.
Show Details15min 47s
Episode 47 - The Myth of Europa, and King Minos. How Europe got its name!
Show Details6min 18s
Episode 48 - Scholasticism, and the endeavour of blending the Greek and Christian Tradition.
Show Details5min 23s
Episode 46 - The Greek Creation Myth. Chaos, Gaia, and Zeus.
Show Details11min 16s
Episode 45 - Dante travels through the center of the Earth, and escapes the Inferno. Canto 32-34.
Show Details12min 51s
Episode 44 - The Well of the Giants. Dante is almost at the center of the Inferno, and meets the Greek Titans.
Show Details5min 20s
Episode 43 - Lower Part of the Inferno, Canto 9-28. The scenes get more graphic.
Show Details10min
Episode 42 - Reason, Emotion and Music.
Show Details5min 53s
Episode 41 - Ancient World as inspiration for Writing
Show Details4min 16s
Episode 40 - The Treasures of the Ancient World
Show Details4min 54s
Episode 39 - Canto 7 and 8, at the gate of City of Dis, in the Inferno.
Show Details5min 55s
Episode 38 - Canto 5 and 6, Inferno
Show Details5min 45s
Episode 36 - Inferno, Canto 3
Show Details8min 24s
Episode 37 - Canto 4, and reflections on the scope of the Comedy.
Show Details4min 39s
Episode 34 - Inferno Canto 1
Show Details8min 22s
Episode 35 - Inferno, Canto 2
Show Details6min 38s
Episode 33 - Limbo, Purgatory, and a question from a listener!
Show Details6min 4s
Episode 32 - Dante on Aristotle, and our new Newsletter!
Show Details3min 21s
Episode 31 - Aristotle on Divinity, and First Mover
Show Details7min 10s
Episode 30 - Metaphysics, and the First Philosophy.
Show Details9min 28s
Episode 29 - Ethics, and reaching Excellence
Show Details3min 59s
Episode 28 - Canto XVIII. Dante in the Sphere of Jupiter.
Show Details4min 28s
Episode 27 - Travel tips, with Ravenna. Mosaics and Dante's Tomb
Show Details4min 41s
Episode 26 - Aristotle, on Actions and Ethics
Show Details3min 21s
Episode 25 - Canto XXII, seeing the Earth in a new Perspective
Show Details7min 32s
Episode 24 - Canto XVII, Paradise. Dante's thoughts on his Comedy.
Show Details9min 41s
Episode 23 - Inspiration, as Flames or Growing Trees
Show Details6min 58s
Episode 22 - Aristotle Complete Works
Show Details4min 4s
Episode 21 - Overview Dante, and the early spark of Rebirth
Show Details7min 41s
Episode 20 - Travels in The Ancient World
Show Details6min 21s
Episode 19 - Dante, Aristotle on the Process of Learning, Growth
Show Details4min 26s
Episode 18 - Aristotle, History and growing Podcast
Show Details7min 39s
Episode 17 - Aristotle on Education, and Knowledge
Show Details7min 14s
Episode 16 - Socrates and Dialogue as an Art of Life
Show Details5min 11s
Episode 15 - Botticelli and Renaissance Painting
Show Details3min 30s
Episode 14 - Epicurus, and practical thinking
Show Details3min 22s
Episode 13 - Canto I from Paradise
Show Details5min 49s
Episode 12 - From a Small Seed
Show Details2min 17s
Episode 11 - At the Entrance of Paradise
Show Details6min 25s
Episode 10 - Purgatory, as Virgil leaves
Show Details4min 44s
Episode 9 - A Landscape of Cultures
Show Details3min 46s
Episode 8 - Knowledge of the Myths
Show Details4min 28s
Episode 7 - Greek Words and Origins
Show Details3min 52s
Episode 6 - Reflections on The Ancient World
Show Details4min 16s
Greek Temples - and Optic Illusions
Show Details5min 27s
Marcus Aurelius on Happiness
Show Details4min 14s
Lost in a Dark Forest
Show Details2min 51s
Episode 2 - Aristotle and the Big Bang
Show Details3min 33s
Aristotle - Definition of Nature
Show Details2min 51s
Show Details15s