**"Walking the Walk," Sacred Actions for the Earth

Season 2023 | Episode 1
3h 18m | Feb 28, 2023

Join ORDER OF THE OAK and Indigenous Organization "ANCESTORS of the 4 DIRECTIONS" as our Internationally known speakers discuss the best strategies to navigate our current climate challenge on the Earth, by addressing how to "Walk our Talk," and take effective action while uniting that Action with our spirituality.

What is it going to take to survive our coming challenges? What can we do to support the Earth at this time? How can we work together to usher in the changes that we need to make? What changes do we need to personally embrace to stand up for the Earth and protect life on this planet?

Speakers: Internationally known Activist and Spiritual Native Leader Chief Rueben George, AODA's Archdruid and Permaculturist Dana O'Driscoll, Native Indigenous Navajo Elder Patricia Anne Davis, OBOD's Harriet Sams and from Starhawk's Permaculture team Steve Breedlove will address these issues while encouraging us to embrace our challenges head on while working together.

HOSTS: Stuart Jeffery and Mari Fix McEwen

Episode originally Livestreamed 2/5/23

#Permaculture, #Druidry, #Earth Activism, #OBOD, #Indigenous, #Native, #Ecocide, #Ecotherap, #Re-wilding, #Water Protectors

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