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A podcast of stories, conjecture, and the human body.

Humans have been trying to make sense of the world around them for millennia by telling stories, which have endured today as myths, folklore, and even fairy tales. Anatomyth explores these stories and their potential grain of medical truth, trying to find a correlation between the stories from our past and what we know about the human body today.


10: In the Dead of Night
Show Details28min 42s
9: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Show Details31min 35s
8: Painless
Show Details31min 19s
7: Play It By Ear
Show Details35min 38s
6: Now Pull
Show Details28min 32s
5: Free Labor
Show Details32min 48s
4: Grimm Messages
Show Details39min 12s
3: The Horn in Your Side
Show Details40min 17s
2: Warning: External Use Only
Show Details41min 17s
1: Sleep Tight
Show Details34min 38s
Anatomyth Trailer
Show Details2min 5s