Anatomy On The Go

In this podcast, you can learn anatomy wherever you go, driving in the car, at the gym, or doing work around the house. The first episodes will introduce you to the human anatomy systems. Additional episodes will be dedicated to directly answering your anatomy questions and providing resources to help you learn more effectively, quickly, and with less stress.


Episode 47 - The Core: Benefits beyond the Beach
Show Details12min 20s
Episode 46 - Muscle Reflexes: Stretch and GTO
Show Details8min 25s
Episode 45 - How the Body Knows What's Up
Show Details12min 5s
Episode 44 - Shunts and Detours during Fetal Circulation
Show Details9min 17s
Episode 43 - Lobes, Segments, Pleura, and Doorways, Oh My!
Show Details13min 48s
Episode 42 - Tactics and Mindsets to Ace Your Exam
Show Details18min 14s
Episode 41 - What Happens When Nerves Don't Work?
Show Details18min 42s
Episode 40: The Big Bad Brachial Plexus
Show Details18min 2s
Episode 39: Why You Are Shorter after a Long Day
Show Details8min 55s
Episode 38: The Blood Vessels in the Lower Limb
Show Details15min 2s
Episode 37: The Blood Vessels in the Upper Limb
Show Details12min 49s
Episode 36: How the Human Heart Is Such a Beast
Show Details11min 37s
Episode 35: The Tricky Terms Describing Joint Mobility
Show Details12min 12s
Episode 34: What's Up with the Names of Skeletal Muscles?
Show Details9min 43s
Episode 33: The Abdominal Muscles
Show Details9min 2s
Episode 32: The Deeper Back Muscles
Show Details12min 18s
Episode 31: The Most Important Muscles for Respiration
Show Details11min 46s
Episode 30: What Is the Thorax and What Stuctures Are There?
Show Details9min 51s
Episode 29: Tips from a Fellow Listener
Show Details8min 20s
Episode 28: Muscles o' the Leg and Foot
Show Details26min 33s
Episode 27: Hip and Thigh Muscles
Show Details34min 44s
Episode 26: Lower Limb Articulations
Show Details24min 39s
Epsiode 25: Lower Limb Bones
Show Details43min 5s
Episode 24: The Hand Muscles
Show Details18min 54s
Episode 23: Forearm Muscles
Show Details25min 31s
Episode 22: The Beach Muscles–Biceps and Triceps
Show Details19min 27s
Episode 21: The Delts and Rotator Cuff Muscles
Show Details22min 10s
Episode 20: Traps, Lats, Pecs, and More
Show Details27min 15s
Episode 19 - Upper Limb Articulations
Show Details30min 19s
Episode 18 - Upper Limb Bones
Show Details54min 32s
Episode 17: The Top Tips for Learning Anatomy
Show Details23min 18s
Episode 16 - Season 1 Finale
Show Details3min 39s
Episode 15 – Systems Quiz 2
Show Details42min 27s
Episode 14 – Systems Quiz 1
Show Details28min 26s
Episode 13 – The Basics of the Reproductive System
Show Details19min 22s
Episode 12 – The Basics of the Integumentary System
Show Details16min 9s
Episode 11 – The Basics of the Immune and Lympahtic Systems
Show Details16min 37s
Episode 10 – The Basics of the Urinary System
Show Details14min 19s
Episode 9 – The Basics of the Digestive System
Show Details15min 4s
Episode 8 – The Basics of the Endocrine System
Show Details15min 38s
Episode 7 – The Basics of the Nervous System
Show Details19min 4s
Episode 6 – The Basics of the Respiratory System
Show Details13min 54s
Episode 5 - The Basics of the Cardiovascular System
Show Details14min 22s
Episode 4 - The Basics of the Muscular System
Show Details18min 35s
Episode 3 - The Basics of the Skeletal System
Show Details20min 34s
Episode 2 - Regional vs Systems-Based Anatomy
Show Details8min 6s
Episode 1 - Welcome to the Podcast!
Show Details3min 37s