Amplify FM

A podcast from the grassroots left media platform Amplify Stroud.

Amplify Stroud is a media platform seeking to promote the local community by platforming stories, issues, and community actions from across the Stroud Valleys.

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Stroud's year in lockdown w/Cllr Doina Cornell
Show Details39min 10s
The Police, Crime and Racial Oppression Bill w/ Luke Smith
Show Details32min 36s
Stroud, Slavery and the Mis-remembering of William Wilberforce w/ Jamie O'Dell & George Thomas
Show Details13min 17s
HS2 and Public Transport w/ Gareth Dennis
Show Details52min 49s
What is Amplify Stroud? w/ Jamie O'Dell
Show Details27min 33s
A Brief Introduction to Amplify FM
Show Details4min 7s