Leading With The Best Of Intentions

Season 1 | Episode 9
41m | Aug 24, 2022

Why do you join a group or an organization? What are your intentions? We all have different purposes that may start as for ourselves but, through the years, will lead us to become better and do more for others. 

Such is the journey of our guest for this episode, John Glenn Lee, current president of JCI Philippines, president of the Legaspi Tourism Council, and chairman of the Bicol Hotel Travel and Tours. He tried different ways to lead and better serve others through the years. His intentions evolved into leading with the best intentions, ensuring the continuity of projects and planning for the long term, not changing with every administration. 

Are you planning to join JCI or want to invite friends to join? Then, listen to this episode and share this episode so that we can all be better together.

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Becoming Better