• Creating ShaktiCon : Womens' Cybersec Conference : Episode 8

    Sreepriya Chalakkal is a Security Analyst at Siemens ProductCERT, where she focuses on vulnerability handling and incident response. Previously she worked as a pentester at Ernw GmbH, Germany, in the mobile security team. She is the mentor of TeamShakti and a core organizer of ShaktiCon. Needless to say, she has shattered the glass ceiling. She gives us an insider's view on her experience as a woman in this male-dominated industry, advice for aspiring female engineers as well as words of advice from her role model Amma.

    42m - Mar 22, 2022
  • Breaking through Stereotypes in Cybersec : Episode 7

    Sowmya Ravidas works as an Identity & Access Management (IAM) Analyst in Amsterdam. She focuses on incident response and process improvements for customer IAM systems (Auth0). Sowmya also holds the position as a Guest Researcher in the Security Group at Eindhoven University of Technology. Her research interests include various aspects of access control for distributed systems. She is one of the organizers of ShaktiCon- a cyber security conference for women. 

    We sit down with her to talk about the memories she made in the club, cybersecurity, travelling experiences, advice for listeners and a whole lot more!

    1h 9m - Mar 15, 2022
  • The Road to ICPC and Beyond : Episode 6

    Sai Vikneshwar works as a Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Redshift in New York. He did his PhD in Database Theory, Theoretical Machine Learning and Codes for Distributed Storage from the University at Buffalo. In the past, he has spent time at MSR (intern), Google (intern) and PCMI/IAS (summer fellow).

    All the way from the 2009-2013 batch, Sai Vikneshwar shares his favourite memories from ICPC, the importance of good mentorship and his PhD experience. Tune in to find out more!

    1h 3m - Mar 8, 2022
  • Life Lessons from amFOSS : Episode 5

    Join us as we sit down with Arvind S Raj from the 2012 batch to discuss everything from cybersecurity to travelling. He is a researcher at the Laboratory of Security Engineering for Future Computing(SEFCOM) at Arizona State University and is working towards his PhD. Tune in to find out about the early days of the club, fun moments, the importance of tasting failure and much more…

    1h 16m - Mar 1, 2022
  • amFOSS on the Rise: Episode 4

    Rahul Krishnan hails from the 2012 batch and is currently an Assistant Professor at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri. He has completed his PhD in Wireless Communication Systems for Healthcare Devices and defended his research thesis on IoMT Architecture and Algorithms for Smart Health. We sit down with him to talk about his experience with amFOSS all those years ago.

    1h 11m - Feb 22, 2022
  • From amFOSS to Google: Episode 3

    Tune into our conversation with Varrun Ramani - a member of the club from the 2006-2010 batch, who explored pretty much everything from Google Summer of Code, ICPC and CTFs to hiking and travelling around the world!

    He currently works as a security engineer at Google in Seattle and joins us today to talk about his experience and some good old memories of amFOSS. 

    47m - Feb 15, 2022
  • The Sun Club: Episode 2

    Back in 2008, the Sun Club was launched consisting of several passionate like-minded individuals of our university. In 2009, Sun Microsystems started an initiative called the "Open Source University Meetup" (OSUM), to evangelize and spread awareness on OSS within universities. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri was an active member at that time and conducted several events and conferences under this name, the most notable being FOSSter in 2009. With Sun Microsystems eventually getting acquired by Oracle in 2010, the Campus Ambassador and the OSUM program were shut down. Later, our club explored more prospects in open source and finally became the club it is today which we now know as amFOSS.

    All the way from the 2006-2010 batch, Avinash Joshi, one of the active members during the club's inception, shares more about the Sun Club, the first ever FOSSter conference, the Sun Code for Freedom and so much more!

    1h 35m - Feb 8, 2022
  • The Dawn of amFOSS: Episode 1

    Vipin Pavithran, an ideal mentor and the founder of the two prominent computer science clubs - amFOSS and bi0S, at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, believes that the right guidance at the right time brings the best out of a student. This is the foundation upon which our club is built on, and bringing this into action is what keeps us running.

    Join us in the conversation with Vipin sir to get to know more about the key concepts of mentorship, how the club started and a lot more.

    47m - Feb 1, 2022
  • Trailer: amFOSS Podcasts

    Introducing amFOSS Podcasts! A new segment where we sit down with our club alumni and talk about how the club became what it is today. Join us and celebrate 15 years of our cherished computer science club, amFOSS.

    0m - Feb 1, 2022
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