American Muse

Podcast about American orchestral music. Featuring interviews with guests including JoAnn Falletta and Gerard Schwarz.


Mark Gibson Interview
Show Details46min 9s
William Henry Fry - "Niagara" Symphony
Show Details21min 7s
Diane Wittry Interview
Show Details46min 32s
Markand Thakar Interview
Show Details32min 37s
Gerard Schwarz Interview
Show Details1hr 2min
Walter Piston - Symphony No. 2
Show Details21min 9s
William Schuman - Symphony No. 10 'American Muse'
Show Details27min 34s
William Grant Still - 'Africa'
Show Details18min 55s
Silas Huff Interview
Show Details59min 50s
George Whitefield Chadwick - 'Aphrodite'
Show Details17min 20s
Roy Harris - Symphony No. 1 ‘1933’
Show Details16min 13s
JoAnn Falletta Interview
Show Details40min 22s
American Muse Podcast - Trailer Episode
Show Details7min 28s