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aMaYa’s taKe

Hey it’s Amaya K and welcome to MY podcast! Here you will hear MY take on a plethora of topics from self love, relationships, confidence, and so much more. We are all on a journey of healing and growth and I’m taking you along for the ride of MY journey. I hope this helps, heals, & inspires! STAY BLESSED STAY BEAUTIFUL BABY & LETS HEAL TOGETHER!!


aMaYa’s taKe on OVERTHINKING S2 EP: 3
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aMaYa’s taKe on FEAR + LETTING GO S2 EP2
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aMaYas taKe on MY YOUNGER SELF S2 EP:1
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aMaYa’s taKe on LOVE EP-5 PART 2
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aMaYa’s taKe on LOVE EP-5 PART 1
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aMaYa’s taKe on WORTH EP:4
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aMaYa’s taKe Ep2: why is CHANGE so painful?
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aMaYa’s taKe on SELF LOVE EP:1
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aMaYa’s Take on The Podcast Trailer
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