Amá Conversa

AmáCONVERSA, is a radio talk show created and programmed by Portuguese-American Fadista, Marisa Silva Rocha, showcasing different aspects of Art, Music, and Culture within our communities near and far, paired with AMAzing music including Top Hits Portugal and Fado music, as well as sweet sponsors! The show's purpose is to Educate, Entertain, Empower, Inspire, Connect and Unite! 



Episode 25 - Daiane A. Dutra
Show Details48min 12s
Episode 23 - Joseph Arruda (Part 2)
Show Details59min 26s
Episode 24 - Nancy Burns (Miñha Mama Teresiñha)
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 21 - Rui Nova
Show Details58min 32s
Episode 22 - Francesca Pro (part 3)
Show Details45min 34s
Episode 20 - António Madaleno
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 19 - André Gonçalves
Show Details55min 21s
Episode 18 - Paulo Salgueiro, Jr. AKA João Cagão
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 17 - Joe Fagundes
Show Details48min 14s
Episode 15 - Mary Isik
Show Details1hr
Episode 16 - Suzana Pais
Show Details48min 35s
Episode 14 - Carmencita Artista
Show Details51min 7s
Episode 13 - Alessandra Kiana Eiras
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 12 - Rúben Gonçalves (part 2)
Show Details44min 27s
Episode 11 - Artur DeFreitas
Show Details46min 47s
Episode 10 - Francesca Pro (valentine's edition)
Show Details42min 9s
Episode 9 - Hildebrando Rocha
Show Details55min 58s
Episode 8 - Alison DaSilva
Show Details47min 10s
Episode 7 - Joseph Arruda
Show Details1hr
Episode 6 - DJ Diane MF
Show Details52min 22s
Episode 5 - L&F Fish Market
Show Details57min 52s
Episode 4 - Francesca Pro
Show Details52min 44s
Episode 3 - Ana Rosa Matos
Show Details51min 26s
Episode 2 - Ruben Gonçalves
Show Details51min 54s
Episode 1 - Joey Peixoto Interview
Show Details54min 29s