The Days And Nights Of Sophia Petrillo

1h 1m | Jul 20, 2023

When Sophia dares to leave the house during a rainstorm to complete her daily task of procuring a nectarine from the grocery store, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy are left to their own devices. While Rose worries not only about wasting a day but about Sophia’s personal life, Dorothy is preoccupied with being sarcastic and eating cookies, and Blanche is extraordinarily horny. Little do they know, Sophia is doing much more than buying a simple piece of fruit. Will the kitchen shelves ever get re-papered? Will Sophia speak nicely to anyone she encounters? Will Wayne come by and help…relieve Blanche of what’s ailing her? Find out all of that and more in today’s episode, The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo.

Always Be My Sisters