• Mother's Day

    We’ve come to the end of the season, therefore it’s time for another clip show! Today, we’ll be enjoying stories of Mother’s Days past. From Blanche’s mother remembering how much of a scamp she was to Rose’s mother being an imposter to Dorthy being her own grandmother, we have a lot of stories to share. So let’s get to the show and celebrate the end of season three with Mother’s Day!

    40m | Aug 18, 2022
  • Mister Terrific

    I know. I know. We’re at the "Empty Nest" episode of season 3. But please stay with us, because we know he isn’t Terrific, but we think we are! So hang on as tight as a leotard as we venture into the darkest depths of The Golden Girls with Mister Terrific. We’ll see Blanche in a tizzy about a bed, Dorothy awkwardly judging and hosting a kiddy show and Rose falling for a man and off a ledge. Let’s get to ripping it apart already, with today’s episode- Mister Terrific. 

    1h 7m | Aug 11, 2022
  • Mixed Blessing

    When Dorothy’s son Michael shows up unexpectedly, he’s got big news. Not only is he around to visit, but he’s getting married. And on top of all of that, his fiance is Black. At first Dorothy feels love is love, but when she learns her daughter-in-law-to-be is twice Michael’s age, well, now she has a problem. Almost as big of a problem as Blanche and Rose’s race to lose weight before a romantic weekend with their beaus. Will Dorthy ever accept Lorraine into her life? Will Blanche and Rose conquer beauty? Will someone explain to me why this is such a beloved episode? All of that and more in today’s episode- Mixed Blessings.

    54m | Aug 5, 2022
  • Rose's Big Adventure

    Hoping to solve the issue of the bedroom shuffle whenever they have a visitor, the girls are remodeling the garage into a guest room- but it’s going about as well as their bathroom project, so they’ll need to find someone to help. While Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia are busy with the construction, Rose is dealing with her own issues. Like how her boyfriend Al has become a big old lump of boring since his retirement. Will Rose be able to help Al find some excitement in his life? Will the girls get the garage turned into the guest room of their dreams? Will that man ever get rescued after falling off the boat? All of that and more in today’s episode- Rose’s Big Adventure.

    42m | Jul 28, 2022
  • Larceny And Old Lace

    When Sophia starts dating Rocco, Dorothy is put in the position of playing strict parent. When it’s believed Rocco robbed a bank, things get even hairier. But that isn’t the only drama going on at the house on Richmond Street. Blanche and Dorthy have not only found, but READ Rose’s diary! With such personal invasion, will Rose be able to trust the girls again? Will Dorthy be too busy busting Rocco to worry about Rose? Will Blanche’s perm continue to get taller? All of that and more in today’s episode- Larceny And Old Lace.

    57m | Jul 21, 2022
  • And Ma Makes Three

    When Sophia’s friend moves far away, she’s left feeling friendless. That feeling won’t last long however, as Dorothy has come to her rescue, inviting Sophia to join her on her dates with new beau, Raymond. But having your mother join as a third wheel is difficult at any age. So after weeks of dating as a threesome, Dorothy is given an ultimatum- alone time with Raymond the boyfriend or keeping her mother company. Will Dorothy join Ray on a romantic trip to the Bahamas? Will Sophia invite herself along or read the room? Will it be Rose or Blanche that becomes the new fashion show chairman for the Tinkerbells? All of that and what the crow said in today’s episode- And Ma Makes Three.

    50m | Jul 14, 2022
  • Golden Moments, Part Two

    It’s time for another clip show, but this time, I think the writers, and honestly, Coco and I  were needing a break, as the clips are all replays from episodes from the last 3 years. So we’ll do our usual, walking through the story, then throw back to our old episodes and the moments the girls are recalling. Come with us now as we stroll down memory lane in Golden Moments Part Two.

    40m | Jul 7, 2022
  • Golden Moments, Part One

    It’s time for another clip show, but this time I think the writers were needing a break, as the clips are all replays from episodes from the last 3 years. So we’ll do our usual, walking through the story, then throw back to our old episodes and the moments the girls are recalling. Come with us now as we stroll down memory lane in Golden Moments, Part One. 

    1h 0m | Jun 30, 2022
  • My Brother, My Father

    When Sophia’s brother Angelo stops by for a quick visit, everyone has a role to play in presenting lives that he, a priest, would find acceptable. But god’s will has other plans, trapping the lot of them in the house while a hurricane washes over. Will Angelo find out all the secrets everyone is keeping? Will everyone else find out Angelo’s secret? Will Blanche go by Sister Victoria, as she has panty related secrets? Find out all of that and more in today’s episode- My Brother, My Father.

    44m | Jun 23, 2022
  • Grab That Dough!

    When Sophia receives tickets for the ladies to appear on a game show, they’re devastated to realize they only have 12 hours to get across the country. Maybe they should go as it could be worth it if they win big. But after a mix-up at the hotel, a purse robbery, team swaps and a lot of soup- they realized perhaps they should have taken the lost tickets as a sign to just stay home. Thank goodness they didn’t, because it gives us one of the funniest, most quotable episodes of the series. So make a fist so we can, Grab That Dough! All of that and an interview with my friend and Wheel Of Fortune winner, Emily Rowney.

    1h 13m | Jun 16, 2022
  • Dorothy's New Friend

    When Dorothy feels she’s fallen into a rut, she goes out of her comfort zone- and it pays off when she makes a new friend. But when said pal, Barbara, meets Rose and Blanche, there is immediate friction. No matter how many times they all hang out, trying to be friends for Dorthy’s sake, they just can’t get along. Will Dorothy see the dark side of Barbara the girls are warning her about? Will Dorothy choose to attend: a writer’s party or a costume party? Will Sophia and Morrie get freaky with that ruffled tux? Find out all of that and more in today’s episode, Dorthy’s New Friend.

    42m | Jun 9, 2022
  • Blanche's Little Girl

    It’s a rare visit from one of Blanche’s children this week, when her estranged daughter Rebecca comes to town. With their communication being limited the last 4 years, Blanche can only guess as to what Rebecca has to say or show her after all that time. When Rebecca the model arrives and no longer has her runway figure, Blanche is shocked. Even worse, Rebecca’s reason for the visit is to show off her new man and soon to be husband, Jeremy. When his verbal abuse gets to be too much for the girls, Blanche feels compelled to say something, but the fear of losing her daughter has her biting her tongue. Will Jeremy get the beating he deserves? Will Rebecca discover her self worth? Will Sophia, Blanche and Dorthy realize how big of jerks they had been? Let’s find out as we cringe through the episode, Blanche’s Little Girl. 

    51m | Jun 2, 2022
  • The Artist

    When the world’s greatest Hungarian sculptor comes to town, Blanche is elated to have him at her museum. She’s even more delighted when he requests she pose for him, as inspiration for his newest work. As judgmental as Rose was towards Blanche’s nude modeling, she doesn’t hesitate to join in when her presence is requested by the artist. But that’s not the end of the upsetting news for Blanche. How can she land the artist if even Dorthy is his muse? So who will Lazlo choose for his sculpture? And will Sophia be able to prank her nemesis at the center or blow all of her jokes on Dorthy? Find out now, in The Artist.

    41m | May 26, 2022
  • Charlie's Buddy

    When a man arrives to visit Rose, she’s delighted to learn he knows of her because he was friends with Charlie. Spending time with him, she begins to enjoy revisiting old memories she had avoided. But does sharing a history mean they should be sharing their lives? For Buddy it does- which is why he invites Rose to move in with him. But Rose isn’t sure if she loves him or loves remembering Charlie. Before she can decide, Dorthy learns something concerning about Buddy. Will Rose move to Boston? Will Blanche and Dorthy find a dress for the upcoming fundraiser? Will the FCC order the flesh dress to be censored? All of that and more in today’s episode, Charlie’s Buddy.

    53m | May 19, 2022
  • Three On A Couch

    This week, the girls have simply HAD it with one another, so they’ve decided to seek professional help. Going to therapy, they each share the annoying traits that have them all at each other’s throats. Sure Blanche is selfish, Rose is Dumb, Dorthy’s annoyingly productive and Sophia is always sharing her wisdom- but does that mean they shouldn’t live together? According to the doctor, it does! So, will the girls break up? Will the OH Boy’s of this episode ever end? Will Sophia finally start getting paid for her stories? Today we’ll be discussing all of that and more in- Three On A Couch.

    49m | May 12, 2022
  • The Audit

    When Dorothy learns Stan has screwed up their taxes, leading to an audit, she’s furious. When she learns he spent $2,500 on a ring for her, she’s less so. But that anger comes roaring back when the IRS demands a fine be paid or the ex’s will face jail time. Will Dorothy be able to come up with the money? Will Blanche and Rose become fluent in Spanish? Will Sophia have more than three lines? All of that and more in today’s episode- The Audit.

    52m | May 5, 2022
  • A Visit From Little Sven

    On his way to meet his soon to be wife, Rose’s cousin Sven is making a stop in Miami before going to St. Olaf. Unfortunately, Rose gets called into work and Blanche is stuck taking Swin around town. But when she uses him to make a beau jealous, the message gets jumbled and Sven is in love- but not with his bride- with Blanche! Will Blanche be able to let Swin down easy? Will Sophia talk Dorthy into letting her get her driver’s license? Will Big Sven and Big Sven 2 correct the situation? All of that and more in today’s episode- A Visit From Little Sven

    42m | Apr 28, 2022
  • Brotherly Love

    When Stan’s brother comes to town for a visit, he’s quick to get Blanche’s attention - once she learns he’s a doctor. When the two find they have nothing in common, the date ends for Ted and Blanche, but just gets started for Ted and his ex-sister in law, Dorthy! Will Blanche ever forgive Dorthy for stealing her date? Will Dorthy really get engaged to another Zbornak? Will Rose EVER fall asleep?! All of that and more in today’s episode- Brotherly Love.

    41m | Apr 21, 2022
  • Strange Bedfellows

    When the girls decide to support their local candidate for city council, they all work together to get Gil Kessler to the top of the poll. But when it’s printed in the paper that perhaps Blanche has been working on a pole of a different kind, Rose and Dorthy are quick to shun her. Will Blanche be able to prove to her friends that there was no affair with Gil? Will Sophia ever figure out Gil’s secret? Will Dorthy and Rose ever make a proper apology for their abhorrent behavior? All of that and more in today’s episode, Strange Bedfellows.

    1h 1m | Apr 14, 2022
  • Letter To Gorbachev

    When Rose writes a letter in hopes of ending the Cold War, she is shocked and delighted to learn it reached the desk of a world leader…and they want to talk to her! There’s just one little problem…They think the letter’s author was a child. Will Rose claim ownership of the letter? Will Sophia figure out a talent for the talent show? Will Dorthy get to make a snowman in June? All of that and more in today’s episode- Letter to Gorbachev.

    49m | Apr 7, 2022
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