• Premium, Safe, Organic, Estate-Grown Cannabis In California
    Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Syvong is joined by Ryan Jennemann. Ryan is an entrepreneur, self-taught master cultivator and breeder of award-winning cannabis strains, and the co-founder of THC Design, the leading breeder and cultivator of premium, safe, organic, estate-grown cannabis in California. Jennemann studied at Oklahoma State. After graduating magna cum laude with a degree in Finance, he immediately began honing his entrepreneurial skills founding a successful sports business with his brother Seth Jennemann. Raised in Oklahoma during a time of cannabis prohibition, Jennemann witnessed his father suffer from major migraine attacks and the negative side effects of powerful synthetic drugs prescribed to him. With little to no access to safe medical cannabis at that time, Jennemann and his father Joe Jennemann grew a single cannabis plant in an effort to help his father’s condition. Seeing firsthand the positive impact cannabis had on his father’s overall quality of life only deepened Ryan’s respect for the plant’s medicinal properties and his desire to help those suffering access safe reliable sources of cannabis cultivated in an organic and environmentally sustainable way.
    33m - Jan 31, 2018
  • The Development of Molecular Therapies For Cardiothoracic Disorders
    Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Syvong is joined by Dr. Michael Mann. Dr. Mann is a cardiothoracic surgeon with particular interest in coronary bypass, valve disease, aortic reconstruction, surgery for heart failure and thoracic cancer. His research interests include the development of molecular therapies for cardiothoracic disorders. While on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, he designed and directed the first clinical program for genetic manipulation during bypass surgery. Mann earned a medical degree at the Stanford School of Medicine. He completed a residency at Stanford University Medical Center and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and a fellowship at UCSF.
    29m - Jan 24, 2018
  • Treating Autism Without Pharmaceuticals
    Today on Alternative Talk Bear Sayvong is joined by Olivia Clements, a mother, and advocate in the state of Arizona. Olivia's main goal is to bring more attention and funding to treating Autism without pharmaceuticals. Treating common disorders such as ADHD without pharmaceuticals has been something many different outlets have tried to fund with not much luck.Olivia's son's experience with psychiatric drug treatment and Dr's views on CBD and medical marijuana. Not only funding but the stigma associated with CBD and medical marijuana treatment for autism is the main goal in Olivia's life. Listen to her story and learn what it's like on the other side of the medical conversation.
    34m - Jan 10, 2018
  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Peer Education
    Today on Alternative Talk our host is joined by Vilmarie Narloch. Vilmarie is the Drug Education Manager at Students for Sensible Drug Policy. In this role, Vilmarie oversees the development and implementation of the SSDP Peer Education program, which is a training program for SSDP Members to become certified to deliver our drug education program, Just Say Know, to their peers. Vilmarie is passionate about reforming drug education in the U.S. and abroad, and has dedicated years of study on the topic for her dissertation. Vilmarie has taken on this position because as an organization driven by students with exceptional knowledge on drug policy and other drug use related issues, SSDP is uniquely positioned and qualified to be developing a drug education program. Additionally, Vilmarie educates staff and the network on the current state of research and treatment issues with regard to substance use disorders and mental health. Vilmarie aims to aid in the connection of policy and practice by helping our network understand the impact of policy on access to treatment and care while utilizing the latest research.
    33m - Jan 3, 2018
  • Lobbying For Medical Marijuana and Speak to With Legislatures About Cannabis
    Today on Alternative Talk our host is joined by Corey Loew. Corey is a wife & mother to three children, a grandma. And a bonus mom to now two adult “children”. And when the opportunity arose for her to help take custody of a relative who would later become a foster child, she attended IMPACT classes, so she and her husband could legally raise their nephew, as foster parents. Corey’s story truly began on September 11, 2001, when she became a first-time mother to Victoria Elizabeth, who has epilepsy and Mitochondrial Disease. In 2013, When medical marijuana landed on Corey’s radar as an alternative medicine for her daughter, Victoria, who was suffering from seizures-daily. Corey, quickly resigned as a Law Enforcement officer. This allowed her to join other parents and form what is now knows as: Georgia’s Hope. She is a Co-Founder. And was most recently was accepted as a speaker for the group known as L.E.A.P. Previously, Corey was a Co-Chair for the DeKalb ICC and served on the board for the Atlanta U.M.D.F. When her daughter was first diagnosed with epilepsy in 2002, Corey joined local organizations such as F.O.C.U.S, Lekotek, and Parent 2 Parent of Georgia, through these resources she was able to teach classes to Special Needs providers about being a Special Needs parent, from a parent’s perspective. This experience provided her with the skills to lobby for Medical Marijuana and speak to with Legislatures from all over the state of Georgia.
    31m - Dec 19, 2017
  • Cannabis Helping Veterans Struggling in Civilian Life
    Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Syvong is joined by Socrates Rosenfeld. From his service as an Apache helicopter commander in the U.S. Army, to developing the cannabis industry’s first complete end-to-end marketplace helping local dispensaries compete on a level playing field, to advocating for safer alternatives to opioids for treatment of post traumatic stress Socrates Rosenfeld had always wanted to do two things – help people and immerse himself in the most challenging environments he could find. After operating at consistently challenging levels both mentally and physically throughout his seven years in the Army, transitioning back to civilian life in his hometown of Newton, Massachusetts, Socrates found it challenging to find peace for himself. He felt isolated from the people that he loved most and struggled to connect. It wasn’t until he turned 29 that his wife offered him an option he had been conditioned to oppose due to years in the military and social stigma;, Socrates was introduced to cannabis and it profoundly impacted him physically, mentally and spiritually. Cannabis allowed him to maintain presence in stressful moments and view himself with self-empathy and non-judgment. He wasn’t alone; he had come across countless fellow veterans who were struggling in civilian life, but were not comfortable with trying cannabis for similar reasons that had stopped him in the past: the stigma, the lack of education and limited access to safe and regulated cannabis.
    31m - Dec 19, 2017
  • Helping Minorities Gain a Stronger Voice In The Marketplace
    Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Syvong is joined by Jacob Plowden & Nelson Guerrero. Guerrero, Kamani Jefferson, Jacob Plowden and Sonia Espinosa launched the Cannabis Cultural Association in 2016, after finding that people of color comprise only 1% of the current cannabis industry. The group plans to host instructional seminars for aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs and create partnerships with key players in the business so that minorities can gain a stronger voice in the marketplace. The Cannabis Marketing Lab was founded by Celeste Miranda in 2012 and has become a one-stop shop for companies in all corners of the cannabis industry that need assistance in product launches, website design, social media strategy and more. Celeste hosts the Cannabis Marketing Lab Radio Show podcast and publishes a bi-monthly online magazine that contains industry news, tips for marijuana-related startups and informative guest columns from different perspectives of the cannabis marketplace.
    33m - Dec 19, 2017
  • Leading The World In A New Industrial Revolution... Cannabis
    Today on Alternative Talk our host Bear Sayvong is joined by James Meissner from #OnePlant. #OnePlant's goal is to bring new and innovative American Grown and American Made Hemp Products to markets across America and the world! With over half of our country growing American Hemp again they are almost there. If we truly want to be a Great Nation again then we must lead the world in a new Industrial Revolution! Cannabis/Hemp can be that change! It is clear the lies of prohibition have started to unravel across this country and the world. The ball is rolling and nothing can stop it so let’s get behind it and push! Together we are an army of amazing power. But we must all work together. All the organizations and groups that fight for the “same” cause.. Cannabis “IS” the answer to so many of the problems that plague not just our country but the whole world! Cannabis “IS” medicine plain and simple. Hemp is the most nutritious herb/vegetable known to man. It is the most useful plant on the planet. Hemp biodiesels can replace oils and fuels that the world fights wars over. Hemp can replace all the plastic products that continue to pollute our environment. Hemp can stop deforestation. Hemp can build cars, planes, homes, and almost any product u can think of… Yes #ONEPLANT can do all this! #ONEPLANT is the answer! #ONEPLANT can save US all!
    30m - Nov 30, 2017
  • Regulations Are For Business Not What We The People Do In Our Homes
    Today on Alternative Talk Bear Sayvong is joined by Adela Falk. Adela served as prison outreach coordinator for POW420. She represents our brothers and sisters, children, parents, grandparents...everyone wrongly incarcerated for unjust cannabis laws. Adela urged for judicial reform or at best a harm reduction approach to this war on cannabis. Falks foundation POW 420 advocates for people to write to pot prisoners, to pick your state, pick your inmate, learn their story, now advocate for reform using fact-based approach...where now you can say what it cost your city - it cost you..to have a new approach.She bealives learning from history helps us prevent it. People are serving life without the possibility of parole sentences for marijuana. Adela believes regulations are for business not what we the people do in our homes or on our lands. She strongly doesn't support any regulations that allow anyone to continue to go to prison for pot.
    34m - Nov 29, 2017
  • Plant-Based Lifestyle, Intense Fitness Regimen And Positive Mindset
    Today on Alternative Talk we are joined by D. Anthony Evans. Evans outward appearance does not suggest that he suffered from aggressive cancer. At age 6, D was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a rare inherited condition where tumors grow on nerve tissue. He's had 11 surgeries, 9 were 9 hour-long operations and approx 385 tumors removed to date. Evans said, "Without his plant-based lifestyle, intense fitness regimen and positive mindset, he would be not have survived.” D serves as an Ambassador Constituent Team Lead for the American Cancer Society, inspirational speaker, a cancer thriver and awareness advocate, an author, a strength coach, and an at-risk youth mentor.
    34m - Nov 27, 2017
  • Changing Cannabis Policy On The Local And State Level In Illinois
    Ali Nagib has been working as a cannabis activist and organizer for over six years and has helped support the growth of Illinois NORML and its mission to change cannabis policy on the local and state level in Illinois, including passing the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act (HB1). He has been interviewed by numerous TV, radio, print and internet media outlets in Illinois, including appearances on Chicago Tonight and Politics Tonight. He has spoken about cannabis policy reform on several panels, has done presentations at Illinois universities and high schools on the topic and has conducted seminars for both patients and prospective business owners throughout Illinois. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and has been a lifelong Illinois resident.
    37m - Nov 22, 2017
  • Reforming Georgia's Criminal Justice System And Its Marijuana Laws
    Today on Alternative Talk Bear Syavong is joined by Tom McCain. Tom is a retired Air Force Veteran. He is also a retired Georgia Peace Officer, holding a Senior Deputy Certification. He is the CEO of Georgia Hemp Industries Association, Inc., the Executive Director of Spartacus Legal Foundation, and a member of the Board of Advisors of Peachtree NORML. Tom actively advocates for the reform of Georgia's Criminal Justice System and its Draconic marijuana laws. On 4/17/2017 he was named the Executive Director of Peachtree NORML.
    36m - Nov 15, 2017
  • Deconstructing The Stigma Attached To Cannabis
    Kristen has an in-depth knowledge of Cannabis in regard to its medical capabilities, scientific research, history and legal status. With honesty and integrity, backed by verified data, she deconstructs the stigma attached to cannabis by utilizing an ever-expanding wave of accurate information to rebuild the perception of cannabis, aka marijuana. Knowledge, ethics and communication skills combined with empathy, intuition and compassion have prepared me to fill the gap between the public and the cannabis industry. As a member and officer of Toastmasters, sharpened her abilities in public speaking, leadership, networking, team building, training and project management
    34m - Nov 15, 2017
  • Linking Families With Special Needs To Each Other
    Jennifer Conforti has over 25 years of experience as a dental business consultant, dental hygienist, and dental practice manager. She was the President of Pathway Consulting, Inc., a national practice management consulting firm and has consulted in offices across the nation. In November, 2013, Jennifer was asked to direct Southside Support, Inc., a nonprofit organiztion whose mission is to link families with special needs to each other and their communities. With her business and leadership knowledge and with the support of her board of directors, Jennifer helped to create tangible vision, structure and dynamic growth for Southside Support. Jennifer left Southside Support in June of 2016 and has founded another nonprofit, Two Sparrows Village, where she plans to build an intentional community for adults with disabilities.
    35m - Nov 15, 2017
  • Mother of Autistic Son Speaks About Positive Effects of CBD
    Kristi Hartzheim, the mother of an autistic son, talks to host Bear Syavong about About the Positive Effects of CBD and how CBD had changed her family's life forever.
    32m - Nov 15, 2017
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