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Good Day Everyone. My Name Is Nigel And I'm The Host Of "Alpha Male Diaries". My podcast is geared towards the avocation of men in maintaining their roles as leaders, providers and protectors and not have their roles compromised or reversed by western modern women of today's time and society. 


26 year old woman wants to divorce a man who's stepped in and signed her son's birth certificate and the child isn't even his.
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Are Young Women Too Afraid To Get Married?
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Is It Easy To Leave The Good Guys?
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Are Modern Women Really Single Due To Their Value And Self Worth??
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50 yr old woman waits in bushes to ambush her 43 year old husband because she's thinking that he's cheating because she hit menopause.
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How to achieve the best outcomes and results in life changing decisions?
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50yr Old Married Woman Feels That She Has A 50% Chance In Getting Married While Still Married.
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Will He Commit To "You?". Do You Have It In You?
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Why Aren't Black Men Respected By Modern Women??
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Ladies Is It ok to keep gifts from ex's that you've loved while in a relationship with the right man?
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Woman Wants To Leave Husband For Ex
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Why Do Modern Women Want It All And Expect Too Much?
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Introduction Of Alpha Male Diaries Podcast (AMDP)
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