Alone on the Couch.

Join seasoned journalist KB as he deep dives into his own journey of life and growth.

Production: Eclectic Media Production

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009 Eddie Brock
Show Details22min 11s
008 The Guy on the Mic
Show Details33min 38s
007 The Royal Treatment
Show Details26min
006 The Pit of Despair
Show Details26min 5s
005 An Emotional Maze
Show Details20min 29s
004 A Glitch in Dating
Show Details28min 26s
003 Full Swing
Show Details20min 53s
002 Wrestling With Ourselves
Show Details29min 54s
001 I'm Back on Track
Show Details23min 24s
021 Fucking with my Vibe PT.4 (A Healing Man Bonus)
Show Details52min 44s
020 Getting Transparent AF w/ Coach Suzette Vearnon
Show Details55min 34s
019 Fucking with my Vibe PT.3 (A Bhagwan Like Bonus)
Show Details37min 41s
018 Couches and Comedians w/ Will Sylvince
Show Details28min 57s
017 Journey to the Couch w/ Joy Ng
Show Details34min 6s
016 Running with Couches w/ Coach Nicole
Show Details35min 58s
015 Praying Mantis (A creative Bonus)
Show Details37min 34s
014 Weaponizing Influence w/Mar Butler
Show Details47min 23s
013 Fucking with my Vibe PT.2 (A no quitting bonus)
Show Details36min 18s
012 A Linq to set the record straight w/ @black_linq
Show Details48min 9s
011 So you can't keep your hands to yourself?! w/ @coming_down_from_the_high
Show Details38min 33s
Show Details38min 1s
Show Details57min 44s
008 Rearranging The Couch w/ @DIARYOFAMBM
Show Details48min 4s
007 Fucking with my Vibe
Show Details57min 1s
006 The couch of Entanglement (A cheaters Bonus)
Show Details14min 27s
005 The Love Seat w/ The Neighborhood Heauxs
Show Details46min 6s
004 Oh no baby what is you doin?! (Bonus)
Show Details12min 30s
003 Even MORE Cushion (A Nastyy Bonus)
Show Details17min 34s
002 More Cushion for the Pushin w/ @Letstalknastyy
Show Details57min 1s
001 Sweet Jones I've failed yoooooou! w/AJ
Show Details1hr 5min