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Hindi Motivation Logs

Hi, I am doing something different, I am doing vlogging but in audio format, I have another podcast named as "Hindi Motivation" and just posting my daily life, at least listen to one of my podcast and if you like it then DM me on Insta - parichay.26


Started a company and a lot of update! - Hindi Motivation Logs #16
Show Details6min 40s
Why I did not upload podcast on Hindi Motivation - Hindi Motivation Logs #15
Show Details8min 54s
Zero to One by Peter Theil with Blake Masters Summary in Hindi - Hindi Motivation logs #14
Show Details6min 39s
Instagram Motivational Pages Scam - Hindi Motivational Logs #13
Show Details6min 19s
I am the worst editor!! - Hindi Motivation Logs #12
Show Details5min 53s
Just regular update - Audio Log #11
Show Details4min 5s
Got appreciation from Japan- Audio Log #10
Show Details5min 54s
New update - Audio Vlog #9
Show Details1min 19s
Best shows on Netflix - Audio Vlogs #8
Show Details6min 52s
40k plays done !!! , Why I copy content? , DM reply - Audio Vlogs #7
Show Details5min 9s
How to upload podcast for free and monetise it - Audio Vlogs #6
Show Details8min 14s
Irritating thing about my i20, Cure of Corona virus - Audio Vlogs #5
Show Details5min 34s
Patanjali found the cure of COVID-19 - Audio Vlogs #4
Show Details5min 13s
Depression podcast update, DM reply, Again Funny Incident - Audio Vlogs #3
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Chinese product ban, DM reply, no funny incident this time - Audio Vlogs #2
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My new car, DM reply and funny incident - Audio Vlogs #1
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Introduction to my Audio Vlogs
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