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All Things Acura-From the showroom Floor

Two Acura experts talking about all things Acura from the showroom. With 26 combined years of Acura experience, Matt and Justin cover the latest news, inventory, product updates, incentives, and much more in the world of Acura. Shopping information and all things to make you a well-informed shopper and Acura owner.


2023 Acura INTEGRA pricing!
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When is the Acura electric vehicle coming? Here is what we know about the 1st EV from Acura. 
Show Details28min 49s
"Premium Fuel recommended"... but do I have to? With high gas prices, we look for advice. 
Show Details35min 15s
Stop paying more for a Pre-owned vehicle! INTEGRA questions and production updates.
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​More INTEGRA-Available accessories. What we know so far...
Show Details26min 46s
Should you buy now or wait? INTEGRA follow up. Production updates and more.
Show Details45min 44s
How many computer chips in a car? No really, how many? We set out to find the answer.
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All things Integra! Insider information, thoughts and reactions!
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Is the used car bubble bursting/ Here is what we know, where it's going. Integra NFT! Sony & Honda, together?
Show Details52min 23s
Crash test results, 2022 TLX Price increase, New Acura incentives.
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Lease end options, Integra news, incentive programs ending, and more MDX Type S. All Things Acura.
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Are they really MSRP+?!? Acura Integra updates, production updates, and more. All things Acura!
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Where is all the inventory? Vehicles, inventory, incentives, and more! Welcome to all things Acura
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