96. Unraveling Racism with Former Neo-Nazi Arno Michaelis

Season 7 | Episode 96
1h 10m | Feb 14, 2024

Is extremism a public health issue? Kimi sits down with former neo-Nazi skinhead, Arno Michaelis, to discuss his transformative journey from spreading hate to advocating for compassion and forgiveness. Arno shares candidly about his recruitment into white nationalism, the pivotal role his family played, and the life-changing moments that led him out of the movement. He provides insight into the underlying pain fueling such ideologies and stresses the importance of embracing those seeking to leave hate behind. The conversation delves into Arno's commitment to anti-racism work, his hopes for the future, and the ongoing challenge of self-forgiveness. Join us in this episode to understand the human capacity for change and the potency of kindness in breaking the cycle of violence.

In this episode:

  • The Evolution of Skinhead Culture
  • White Nationalism and Ideological Influence
  • Racial Identity Persuasion Tactics
  • Processing Trauma and Avoiding Extremism
  • Overcoming Hate with Friendship
  • Fostering Hope through Daily Kindness

Links & Resources

Instagram: @arnomichaelis

Book: My Life After Hate


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