97. A Mother's Postpartum Reality: An Accident, a Loss, and a Diagnosis

Season 7 | Episode 97
1h 13m | Feb 28, 2024

Lee Culp Henry is a mother, psychotherapist, a coach's wife, and host Kimi Culp's sister-in-law. She speaks in conversation with Kimi about her harrowing past five years and the many tides of her postpartum journey. Faced with a traumatic accident following her newborn's birth and subsequent medical scares, Lee openly recounts her battles with postpartum OCD, the shame of secrecy, and her immense strength in overcoming guilt and learning to seek help. But for Lee, the hits kept coming – the death of her father, the uncertain diagnosis of her third child. We're reminded of the universal challenge of motherhood under extreme circumstances. Kimi's warm conversation with her sister-in-law, emphasizes the importance of reimagining postpartum support and the collective embrace of life's unpredictable journey. 

In this episode:

  • The Importance of Mental Health Support for New Mothers
  • The Agony of a Child’s Medical Emergency
  • Parental Health Anxiety & OCD
  • The Rapid Progression of Cancer
  • The Power of Family and Community
  • Embracing Vulnerability and Self-Compassion

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Charity: Ronald McDonald House New York

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