92. Facing Mortality and Feeding Creativity with Spoken Word Poet Andrea Gibson

Season 6 | Episode 92
1h 2m | Nov 29, 2023

Are you pushing away joy? Getting stuck in a cycle of anxiety and grief? World renowned spoken-word poet Andrea Gibson (they/them) can relate. In this powerful and personal episode, Andrea shares their battles with stage fright, extreme anxiety, chronic Lyme disease, and stage 4 ovarian cancer. They also explore the transformative experiences brought about by Andrea’s cancer diagnosis, taking ownership of their health, and their commitment to healing modalities that have given them a feeling of radiant health amidst the trials of chemotherapy. Andrea shares profound insights on love, authenticity, fear, gratitude, and the art of cherishing others and self in the harshest of life's storms - not just as a cancer patient, but as an undeniably resilient and wise human. 

In this episode:

  • Coming to terms with their queer identity.
  • Living with extreme anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Overcoming stage fright and finding their voice in spoken-word poetry.
  • How suffering can transform into a path for liberation and healing.
  • Andrea's struggles with an incurable cancer diagnosis.
  • Healing modalities they pursued.
  • How self love has led to a new acceptance of their body and identity.

Links & Resources:

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Instagram: @andreagibson

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Facebook: Andrea Gibson Poetry

Twitter: @andreagibson

YouTube: Andrea Gibson Poetry

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