All The People You Should Know

Little biographies about important people you never learned about in history class.


Episode 34: Hatshepsut
Show Details22min 49s
Episode 33: August Landmesser
Show Details19min 58s
Episode 32: Gary Gygax
Show Details35min 28s
Episode 31: Let's get Nasty
Show Details23min 51s
Episode 30: Olga of Kiev
Show Details24min 6s
Episode 29: Pudge Heffelfinger
Show Details26min 31s
Episode 28: Timothy Dexter
Show Details27min 22s
Episode 27: Erich von Daniken
Show Details28min 19s
Just an Announcement
Show Details8min 17s
Episode 26: Gilles de Rais
Show Details30min 45s
Episode 25: The Silent Twins
Show Details29min 18s
Feed Drop Thursday 1: Assorted Goods
Show Details55min 31s
Episode 24: PBR
Show Details25min 56s
Casual Thursday #7
Show Details23min 42s
Episode 23: Blood Bathory
Show Details24min 48s
Casual Thursday #6
Show Details23min 56s
Episode 22: Soldier Bear
Show Details24min 56s
Casual Thursday #5
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 21: the Original Sadgirl
Show Details22min 9s
Casual Thursday #4
Show Details28min 5s
150k Bonus Episode: The Mutant
Show Details26min 20s
Casual Thursday #3
Show Details19min 15s
Episode 20: Her Name is Ona
Show Details24min 18s
Casual Thursday #2
Show Details18min 5s
Casual Thursday #1
Show Details27min 17s
Episode 19: Pinky
Show Details24min 39s
Josh and Dan Know People #1
Show Details1hr 47min
Episode 18: Dogman
Show Details25min 52s
Episode 17: Lady Ching
Show Details22min 6s
Bonus Episode: Respectfully yours, Ida.
Show Details29min 5s
Episode 16: The Devil and Mr. O
Show Details24min 59s
Eponyms Anonymous 1: Cardigans
Show Details21min 41s
Episode 15: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film
Show Details23min 42s
Bonus Episode: The Woman that Wouldn't be Moved
Show Details30min 59s
Josh's State of the Podcast Address
Show Details6min 21s
Episode 14: The Old Man
Show Details30min 34s
Episode 13: The Cocaine Parrot
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 12: The White Mouse
Show Details16min 6s
Josh and Ynon Know People #1
Show Details1hr 17min
Episode 11: Wilma Rudolph
Show Details14min 55s
Episode 10: Henry Darger
Show Details20min 27s
Episode 9: Linus Pauling
Show Details14min 31s
Episode 8: Maud Wagner
Show Details15min 19s
Episode 7: Stanislav Petrov
Show Details18min 2s
Episode 6: Emperor Norton I
Show Details16min 9s
Episode 5: Khutulun
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 4: Benjamin Hornigold
Show Details15min 33s
Episode 3: Eleanor Dumont
Show Details17min 14s
Episode 2: Witold Pilecki
Show Details20min 37s
Episode 1: George Catlin
Show Details17min 55s