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Alien Worlds

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Alien Worlds was a syndicated radio show created by radio personality Lee Hansen. It aired 26 half-hour episodes between 1978 and 1980, becoming well known for its realistic sound effects, high production values and documentary style of dialog.


Alien Worlds_xx-xx-xx_(30)_A Question Of Conscience
Show Details24min 47s
Alien Worlds_xx-xx-xx_(29)_The Parallax Deception
Show Details24min 38s
Alien Worlds_xx-xx-xx_(28)_The Leukocyte Maneuver
Show Details24min 11s
Alien Worlds_xx-xx-xx_(27)_A Dream Within A Dream
Show Details24min 49s
Alien Worlds_79-09-30_(26)_Himlayan Parallel
Show Details28min 12s
Alien Worlds_79-09-23_(25)_Madonnas Of Zanzibar Alpha - Part 2
Show Details28min 7s
Alien Worlds_79-09-16_(24)_Madonnas Of Zanzibar Alpha - Part 1
Show Details28min 1s
Alien Worlds_79-09-09_(23)_Seeds Of Time
Show Details27min 48s
Alien Worlds_79-09-02_(22)_Earth Light - Part 2
Show Details28min 14s
Alien Worlds_79-08-26_(21)_Earth Light - Part 1
Show Details28min 39s
Alien Worlds_79-08-19_(20)_Infinity Factor - Part 2
Show Details28min 13s
Alien Worlds_79-08-12_(19)_Infinity Factor - Part 1
Show Details28min 2s
Alien Worlds_79-08-05_(18)_Death Song
Show Details27min 56s
Alien Worlds_79-07-29_(17)_Time Clash
Show Details28min 13s
Alien Worlds_79-07-22_(16)_The Adventure Of The Egyptian Necklace - Part 2
Show Details27min 57s
Alien Worlds_79-07-15_(15)_The Adventure Of The Egyptian Necklace - Part 1
Show Details28min 7s
Alien Worlds_79-07-08_(14)_The Kilohertz War
Show Details28min 12s
Alien Worlds_79-04-01_(13)_ISA Conspiracy - Part 3 - Light Storm
Show Details25min 34s
Alien Worlds_79-03-25_(12)_ISA Conspiracy - Part 2 - Diatons
Show Details25min 23s
Alien Worlds_79-03-18_(11)_ISA Conspiracy - Part 1 - Dark Bringers
Show Details25min 58s
Alien Worlds_79-03-11_(10)_Keeper Of Eight - Part 2
Show Details25min 35s
Alien Worlds_79-03-04_(09)_Keeper Of Eight - Part 1
Show Details25min 51s
Alien Worlds_79-02-25_(08)_Resurrectionists Of Lethe - Part 2
Show Details24min 59s
Alien Worlds_79-02-18_(07)_Resurrectionists Of Lethe - Part 1
Show Details26min
Alien Worlds_79-02-11_(06)_Night Riders Of Kalimar - Part 2
Show Details25min 16s
Alien Worlds_79-02-04_(05)_Night Riders Of Kalimar - Part 1
Show Details25min 43s
Alien Worlds_79-01-28_(04)_Starsmith Project - Part 2
Show Details25min 54s
Alien Worlds_79-01-21_(03)_Starsmith Project - Part 1
Show Details26min 24s
Alien Worlds_79-01-14_(02)_Sun Stealers - Part 2
Show Details25min 57s
Alien Worlds_79-01-07_(01)_Sun Stealers - Part 1
Show Details26min 10s