• Diving Into Life After Power

    Jared Cohen is a modern renaissance man: global security expert, leader at some of the nation’s most influential corporations, New York Times best selling author, and … collector of Presidential hair?


    Yes, we’re serious.


    In this conversation about Jared’s soon-to-be-released book Life After Power: Seven Presidents and Their Search for Purpose Beyond the White House, Alder CEO Michael P. Davidson and Jared dive into the sense of purpose that guided seven of history’s most influential leaders after leaving the highest office in the land. Against the backdrop of the values that drove these Presidents, Jared and Michael explored the their own pursuits of purpose and the different ways Jared explores his passions.


    Jared shared that his success has been driven by a deep interest in learning new things, and said he ultimately thought of his career as an exercise in “managing a portfolio of his curiosities.” This book is the embodiment of harnessing the power of curiosity about our nation’s history to hone our sense of purpose to create impact in the world. It’s a must-read, so pre-order your copy or place a bulk order today.

    53m - Feb 8, 2024
  • Family, Film, and Culture through Family Switch - Ben Everard

    In this engaging episode, Alder CEO Michael Davidson talks with renowned producer Ben Everard, highlighting his latest family-centric hit, "Family Switch."

    The conversation explores the unique perspectives in "Family Switch," emphasizing the differences between adult and child viewpoints.

    Ben addresses the industry's shift towards lighter, aspirational content post-pandemic and the concept of creating uplifting, family-friendly films akin to Pixar's works. He underscores the significance of persistence in the Hollywood landscape and how his professional life shapes his storytelling interests.

    This episode offers a captivating look into Ben Everard's insights on filmmaking and the transformative power of storytelling in Hollywood. Join us to discover the behind-the-scenes of family-oriented cinema.

    52m - Nov 30, 2023
  • Global Implications of The Israel-Hamas War

    Strength through deterrence: this important principle of foreign policy has fallen by the wayside in the post-Cold War era, and according to Congressman Mike Gallagher, we’re seeing the result of that playing out across the globe. A discussion between him and Alder CEO Michael Davidson about the Israel-Hamas war turned into a wide-reaching conversation about the geopolitical dynamics across the world, how tensions from the Indo-Pacific to the Mediterranean are related, and the role of the United States in all of it. 

    The implications of our role in the international community don’t just affect national security – they are important levers in our economic standing. Congressman Gallagher provocatively said that our nation needs to build better guardrails, particularly with regard to China, so that we don’t end up funding our own destruction. This discussion is a must-listen to help you understand the complicated dynamics brought to the fore of international relations and foreign policy.

    50m - Nov 28, 2023
  • Timeless Values Through Film - Lawrence Grey

    In this episode, Alder CEO Michael Davidson sits down with Lawrence Grey, a distinguished film producer and Alder member. Lawrence’s newest film, Pain Hustlers, drops on Netflix this week starring Chris Evans and Emily Blunt.

    His unique ability to deconstruct complex topics and his love for origin stories have profoundly influenced his approach to filmmaking. Pain Hustlers promises an illuminating look into the complex world of pharmaceuticals and the opioid crisis. Liza Drake (Emily Blunt), who’s struggling to raise her daughter, takes a job out of desperation. She begins work at a failing pharmaceutical startup, but what she doesn’t anticipate is the dangerous racketeering scheme she’s suddenly entered.

    Beyond the silver screen, Lawrence is passionate about education and understanding history from multiple perspectives, ensuring that informed decisions are made in the filmmaking process and beyond. He also discusses his work on “Yes Day,” a film that explores the significance of family reconnection and the need to disconnect from our digital lives.

    This episode is thought-provoking, highlighting the transformative power of storytelling and its potential to leave a lasting impact on us as humans. Join us as we explore the captivating world of Lawrence Grey and the making of “Pain Hustlers.”

    48m - Oct 25, 2023
  • Why the War in Ukraine Matters - Brian Ferguson

    Alder took a delegation of Members to Ukraine this summer to understand the Russian invasion’s impact on the nation’s people and institutions, and what that means for the rest of the world. Alder CEO Michael P. Davidson reflected on this experience with Member Brian Ferguson, a healthcare entrepreneur and Special Operations veteran. Their discussion illuminates what happens when freedom and self-determination are under attack and how good civic leadership can thwart that threat.

    51m - Sep 26, 2023
  • Lessons from the Greatest Generation - SSG WWII Veteran Jack Moran

    SSG WWII Veteran, Jack Moran, and his fellow soldiers in the 87th Infantry Division saw brutal combat throughout the Allied push into the heart of Germany. In this fireside chat, Moran vividly described his experiences from his introduction to combat, to crossing the Rhine River and helping to liberate the Buchenwald concentration camp, to being one of the few remaining survivors from the Battle of the Bulge today.

    1h 13m - May 31, 2023
  • The Modern Crisis of Classical Liberalism - Francis Fukuyama

    Classical liberalism is a big idea that affects our country's identity. But what is it exactly? Professor, best-selling author, and renowned thought leader Francis Fukuyama joined Michael Davidson and offered a master class on the political theory of classical liberalism. Not the version that's been hijacked by political infighting, but the foundational beliefs that all human beings have an equal degree of dignity, and values the primacy of the rights of the individuals. As people across the world fight for freedom, we have no excuse for inaction. It's time to re-anchor ourselves in the fundamentals, wisdom, and temperaments that define liberalism to guard it against attack and preserve it for future generations.

    E1 - 55m - Oct 17, 2022
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